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Do ever sit back and think when something got its start? For anyone interested in learning how to waterski and be water bound, it’s interesting to know how the sport got its start. Though it seems like it might be an old sport, it’s not as old as one would think.

Becoming Water Bound with Water Skiing

It all started in 1922 with a little clothesline and a lot of imagination. It was really ingenuity at its finest. Ralph Samuelson was the guy behind the fun new movement. He used a pair of boards as skis and then used a clothesline as a tow rope. Interestingly, this all happened on Lake Pepin, located in Minnesota. The innovator spent several days practicing different positions and methods to see what would work best on the water. The sport itself took a while to catch on. It really wasn’t until Ralph Samuelson decided to travel between Michigan and Florida, showing off his tricks, that the buzz surrounding water skiing caught on.

Now, water skiing has become a popular sport and hobby among many. For anyone wanting to test their balance or venture into new waters, water skiing is highly recommended.

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