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It’s the best of both worlds: the unbeatable feeling of being on top of the water mixed with the unbeatable feeling of snowboarding. That’s what wakeboarding was born from. A large amount of the population loves to snowboard, but finding accessible and inexpensive snowboarding isn’t the easiest task. With wakeboarding, however, you can shred at any time of the day as long as you have a lake, a boat, and a go-getter attitude.

The Wakeboard

The board that wakeboarders ride is a small, buoyant, rectangular board with a foam interior. The wakeboard has foot attachments mounted on it to lock the rider in place to glide across the water. Most boards have adjustable foot bindings to allow for whichever foot the rider wants forward.

The Wake

Wakeboarding works best, of course, when there is a wake from the boat. This means that the boat should be going about 18-25 mph. The amount of the desirable wake, though, depends on the experience of the boarder. Some may want a bigger wake; others may need to start off small.

Wakeboarding is a complicated but extremely rewarding sport.

Once a boarder has a grasp on the sport, they can uplevel to many different tricks. At The Footer’s Edge, we offer wakeboard towers and other wakeboarding equipment. Check us out today!


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