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We were shocked to find out that wakeboard towers worldwide were going loose simply from rough water and so came the wakeboard towers that we sell today. In order to succeed in this water sport, it’s important to have the right tools. For starters, having discipline and instruction is important. Then, having the right products makes for a better sporting experience. We decided to design a wakeboard tower that wouldn’t go loose by simply trudging through rough waters. Our line of products also includes the finest fat sacs and wet suits available. It’s all about being prepared in the best way possible.

Wakeboard Towers and More

When you have a wakeboard tower that shakes loose, it’s going to put a pause on all the fun. Or, it’s going to make it harder to practice your skills. Either way, it’s not a good thing. Our Pro X Series Cross-Bar Tower is the world’s strongest. Not only can it handle rough waters, but it will pull multiple tubers and handle anything that your boat can get out of the water.

Getting the perfect wave usually doesn’t just happen. That’s why we offer fat sacs. It will create the perfect surfing wave for you. And if this is the kind of “rough water” you couldn’t handle before, your new tower certainly will. Paired together, you’ll be able to successfully get the wave and uninterrupted practice that you need. It’s a win-win all around.

The frustration ends today. When you supply yourself with the right tools, being out on the water will be a breeze. Keep both feet in the water and make sure that you visit our shop to get everything that you need!


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