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I learned to barefoot skiing off of a kneeboard. We recently bought a Mobius. I did what I always do and had problems. I think we were going too fast. I thought that because of the spray in my eyes, we never reached the speed needed before I fell. Is it possible that the barefoot skiing speed was too fast and that’s why I could not see. We were going full throttle. Can we go slower? How slow? I don’t want to step off of the kneeboard and face-plant. How long should the rope be?

Thanks for any advice!

I remember the actual spot on the Illinois River where I was trying barefoot skiing speeds and barefoot skiing lessons just like you are. I was behind a very old outboard and was wearing a life jacket and a pair of barefoot skiing ballistic shorts! I thought I was the bomb. And that is what I proceeded to do. I am going to outline how to save you major aggravation.

By the way, since this is getting to be the time where everybody is getting their feet wet, I am going to send out a double header. I will fire out another article on entering your first barefoot skiing tournament as soon as I finish this brief project! I will keep this short so that I can help as many of you as possible.

#1 I prefer a wakeboard (boots removed) to a kneeboard for this type of start as it is longer and easier to balance on!

#2 I go over this start thoroughly in my 2 Hour Barefoot Skiing video( Give yourself an unfair advantage!

#3 Barefoot Skiing EquipmentBarefoot Skiing Suit, Barefoot Skiing BoomsWakeboard TowersBarefoot International Fly High Pylons, or a helicopter like the one we use make this much easier than going off a regular pylon or a lower pull. The extra upward pull makes life beautiful. I never ski down low because it makes me feel like I am being pulled by submarine compared to a high pull. (Richard can get you any skylon on the market or the same one I use. Anyone who orders one this week will get a discount as long as you tell him “THE DAWG SENT ME”…email him at [email protected])

#4 Make sure and read NFTE#19 Long Line Front Deep Water Start;( because it will explain how to set your feet in the water. The only difference between THAT start and a wakeboard start is that you will start slower on your plant when on a wakeboard, and you will not HAVE to wear as much protection—although I highly recommend that you do as it will help you to protect one of your favorite body parts!

By the way, I have made the front deep water start video lesson in its entirety viewable for FREE at

#5 Do not exceed 35 mph as your maximum speed if you are under 200 lbs! I have taught many people over 300 lbs to do this under 40 mph!!!! So to answer your question about speed, speed kills especially when you combine it with inexperience!!!

#6 Reduce the practice time and aggravation by 87.2% and come down to paradise where miracles are in the making! http://

Short and sweet. Here we go. Once you have mastered the awkward chore of learning to get out of the water without tipping over (WAY EASIER from about 12 inches of water your first couple of times—long line, I mean…of course!), have the boat driver pull you easy up to about 10-12 mph, but not so fast that you start bouncing!!!

Edge outside the wake staying right next to the curl of the wake. Once you are very comfortable there, work your Three Point Position by lifting your knees a little so that your feet can be as close to your butt as possible.

Are your ankles flexed? Ultra Mega Gliders only please! If you do not know this, you do not have enough tickets for this ride yet!

The boat driver will be doing you a huge favor if he or she slowly accelerates after your feet are planted to about 18-20mph for a good run of perfecting your plant without standing up! This is a MAJOR help! “Here me now, believe me later.” (Spoken in a Hans and Franz accent-Saturday Night Live joke)

After perfecting this maneuver for several passes, you are now ready to accelerate at a medium pace to your minimum barefoot speed. For most people, this will be below 35mph! I am 190 and can do this easily at 30mph!

The stand-up is accomplished by following the pull of the boat without pulling in on your arms! Keep your feet and knees relaxed while maintaining Ankle Flex.

As the boat accelerates, lift up your ribs and expand your chest like you are getting all bowed-up (guys-redneck terminology from down south!) or like you are in a bikini contest (girls!).

Do not stand-up higher than a chair position for your first pass. Stop BEFORE you get tired by letting go and sitting down!

I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

-Lane Dawgumus Maximus

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