subject: The Awesome Power of Vision

“People think there are great mysteries connected with this game but there are not. It is just teaching the fundamentals, teaching players how to do things the right way.”

         -Paul Brown, NFL Coach, General Manager and Owner

“Don’t mistake activity for achievement-practice it the right way.”-John Wooden, College Basketball Coach

“Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.”

         -Johann Christoph Von Schiller, German Poet, Dramatist

“We never said it was easy, we just said it was cool.”

From the great book of Laneism, Lanemus Maximus circa 1997

One of the greatest lessons I can give to skiers of all skill levels is the awesome power of vision. This is a constant lesson that I teach every day and is so powerful that it is as critical in my skiing as it is in the skiing of a beginner.

So critical is this concept that I am willing to make the following statement; “No great skiing is accomplished without great vision.”

Most skiers believe that they do not have a problem with vision because they do not see the immediate effects of bad vision.

Manifestations of bad vision;

Falling forwards, imbalance, fear, skiing on your toes backwards, straignt legs or the inability to bend your knees in the back position, difficulty riding one foots or toe holds, inability to keep from falling your face after getting up on a back deep, difficulty with multiple turns, difficulty in landing a long jump, “facing-out” on a front to back, toe-turn, line-turn, or one-foot turn, poor back or front slalom!

Does any of this sound familiar? Could you get excited about solving any of these problems? If the answer is yes, then you are a lucky person because you are getting this information for FREE. If this does not sound like this could help you, then I look forward to reading about your upcoming World Records and magazine coverage!

The good news is this is the easiest problem to solve if you know when you are committing the heinous crime of poor vision, but the bad news is that most people will never take the time to look for or correct it!

The easiest way that I know to correct this problem without having me personally there to help you is to use a video recorder. I find that most people actually make the same mistakes on land as they do on the water. It only makes good sense that you practice your visions dry land.

Here are Lane Dawg Bowers’ tips for improving your eyesight without getting a prescription (i.e. GREAT VISION);

     #1 Keep your eyes open

     #2 Keep your face vertical to the water at all times

     #3 Keep track of what you are seeing

 Does this seem too easy to be true? Is this the easiest solution for improving your skiing that you can imagine? YES!!!

 Let me give you one more motivating statement; poor vision is the cause of most poor Posture, Glide, and Power Band, but is also the easiest fix to improve   all three!

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