Subject: March 8, 2005 Winter Haven, FL…Advanced Barefooters Only?

Unlocking the Key to the Front to Back

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Knowledge is powerful. Any problem you have in barefootingcan be solved if you have the right information broken down into baby steps!

The knowledge I a about to give you is so simple, that it isoften overlooked. Most barefooters will never understandits significance because it is viewed as too simple to work on “advanced” tricks.

After mastering Posture and Glide, the single most importantlesson you must learn is the incredible leverage over your skiing you can have when you learn to ski in the Power Band!

What is the Power Band? It is quite simply learning to ski with the pull of the boat coming into the strongest part of your body…the hips.

It is the position in which you gain the most power with the least effort.

It is the position in which you finally feel that you are notin a tug of war, but rather a place of quiet dominance!

It is the same in all water sports, golf, wrestling, and snowboarding.

My Theory is now licensed by me to be used in many other sports including martial arts. Why? Because it is so powerfuland so simple…and it works incredibly fast.

How do you get your skiing into the PowerBand?

Check out my pictures on my Barefoot Position’s page at
and look at pictures #1 and #4.

Learn to ski in these positions and you have unlocked your potentialto do the front to back!

My top to bottom form has been discussed in great detail in my Trauma Center
( in my Virtual Ski School

Master getting your hips into the handle forward while skiingin perfect Posture and Glide and you will become a surface turning machine.

Master your form on dry land.Master your form on Puppy Paws.

Master your form on your feet!

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