Ultimate Setup

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You just cannot buy publicity like this! Wakeboarding magazine published this same article in their magazine under “Featured Products” section.

“There is no doubt that the Pro X Series line of Fat Sacs™ are the highest demanded ballast bags on the market due to their innovative design and bulletproof build. When combined
with the Tsunami Pump and Quick Connect Fittings, these sacs fill and empty faster than any other ballast bag money can buy. The fittings and their placement also make it easy to design your own integrated system; the 
possibilities are endless.

The Pro X Series Tower is the only universal stainless steel tower on the market making it the strongest and most durable tower money can buy. It’s entirely universal so it will fit any boat
whether you mount it on top of the gunnel or on the sides. The crossbars of the tower are padded and act as an integrated rack that will store everything from a slalom ski to wake surf board.

Quick Release Pins make folding the Pro X Series Tower quick and simple, just pull six pins and the tower is collapsed to it’s stowed position.” In regards to the Super Fly High, they said, “This revolutionary product will help wakeboarders at all levels take tricks bigger and land softer. It also allows riders to learn inverts and spins at slower speeds.

Trying to land that first Raley? With the Super Fly High, “you can slow the boat speed to 18 MPH, increasing confidence while reducing the punishment of crashing. It’s easy to setup and collapses completely allowing you to keep your boat on the lift or in the garage when not in use. It’s totally universal and will fit all tubular towers on the market.

Wakeboarding went on to say, “the pros who have tested the extension have nothing but praise for it.” “The Tower Boom is the last piece of equipment you will need to round out the package. This boomattaches to any tubular tower and is extremely strong. After it has been installed, the Quick Release Pins make it easy to stow. The outside section of the boom telescopes in and the braces fold along the boom when raised.”

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    The Barefoot International W2923 Pro X Series Tower is the strongest wakeboard tower you can add to your boat that can pull multiple tubers, skiers, or anything your boat can tow out of the water. “What Is The Only Wakeboard Tower That You Can Add To Your Boat That Is Strong Enough To Pull Multiple Tubers… Or […]