Subject: Two Ski Bomb-Out!

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement andfailure are two of the surest stepping stones to success”
-Dale Carnegie

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more
-Henry Ford

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I am going to lay out the very easiest way to jump out ofyour perfectly good skis and barefoot away! If you arefamiliar with my teaching methods than you know the foundation to any good trick is great form.

For this stunt, it will be very helpful to keep your upperbody posture and your lower body glide from changing.You can review my form in my Trauma Center at

Here we go!

#1 While skiing in perfect form like the pictures atmy Position’s Page at learn to do big surface hops on a boom
( raised to eye level. When you land do not allow yourbutt to touch the water.

Critical TIP: Think of landing the two ski bomb-outin the same way you would land if you were coming
off the top bunk bed. Would allow your butt to slam onto the hard ground? Of course you wouldn’t! Wouldyou land by locking your legs straight and tight? Not if you enjoy having your legs hinge in only one direction! The correct way to land is with your feet directly beneathyour knees so that you can keep from slipping! You would also land with soft knees to absorb the landing without having to let your butt get anywhere near theground!

#2 Learn to do the same maneuver on the boom startingfrom your two combo skis. Make sure to remove the back bindings or you might get stuck. This would be a BAD THING! Don’t make me describe this worstcase scenario!

SPEED: I would perform this at the slowest possiblespeed that you feel comfortable doing your hop at.For most people under two hundred pounds, this should be done at or under 35mph on the boom and short rope with the boom at eye level!

Toe-Flick Method of Releasing the skis:

Remember to keep your form good during the entirejump. To release the skis effectively, you will find that”flicking” the skis behind you is the most effectivemethod. To do this, bring the skis behind you on your up-weight by using your toes to guide them backwardsas you bring your heels toward your butt! Remember toflex your ankles in the air after the release so that you get into your Ultra Mega Glide position in the air before landing. You can review this foot position at


Never go to the next step until you can perform thecurrent step without getting your butt near the water!
Feet-to-Feet is the only way to perform this trick!

Bonus Tip: Do not pull in on your arms during theski release! This is also a BAD thing. Not getting your skis behind you will cause you to hit your own skis. Pulling in on your arms could also cause this problem.

#3 Going to the short rope, I recommend practicing yourhop first to get your feel for the water. I also would keep the boom above head height at first. Perform the hop hereuntil you can perform it without touching your butt. Form and relaxed arms become more important as you get on the short rope and behind the boat, but the good news is that the form and technique are identical! I also recommend landing with your feet inside shoulder width to ensure that they are supporting the bulk of
your weight.

#4. The long rope is identical to the short rope with the exception that you will need to be in the trick curl when you perform it. It will also be very helpful to usea Fligh High extended pylon to give you added lift! (

Enjoy this great trick and please let me know about your