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New No Fall Barefoot DVD

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70 minutes of Lane “Dawg” Bowers’ technique to help you Learn to Barefoot WITHOUT Falling…Guaranteed

Attn. Aussies!!!Due to popular demand, we are now able to ship you Lane “Dawg” Bowers’
No Fall Barefooting Instructional DVD 
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Please Send Me Your 2-Hour Instructional Video without SlickFeet50 What Will Your 2-Hour Instructional DVD Do for me?

Regular Price $49.95 Today $39.95

Attn. Aussies!!! Due to popular demand, we are now able to ship you Lane “Dawg” Bowers’ 2 hour Instructional DVD from SA Australia for only $6 (saves you $19).

Simple answer; SlickFeet50 is a fun way to get the instructional DVD and
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Get an UNFAIR Advantage and Become the Best Barefooter on Your
Lake By Ordering My Two Hour Instructional Video (US Version)!

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110 Minute Instructional Video

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