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The winter temperatures make it a little harder to go barefoot water skiing. For anyone that is addicted to being out in the water, the winter might feel like a trap. But, you don’t have to be stuck inside during these winter months. In fact, you can take our gear with you anywhere. And, our ebook is available if you’re just now deciding to get into the sport. Here are some of the water skiing options that you can choose during the winter months—don’t let anything stop you.

Protect Your Extremities

How are you going to successfully shred water when you can’t feel your fingers? Pick up some thick gloves, winter surf booties and keep your head warm. There are neoprene caps (the same material our wetsuits have) or surf hoods to choose from.

Keep Your Boat Warm

This might sound like a given, but most people will forget about this. Now, maybe your boat doesn’t have a heating option. You can keep a seat warmer on deck. Extra blankets and towels will also be good to keep on board. Then, you keep yourself warm in between barefoot skiing.

Go to a Warmer Place

Lastly, if you’re not about to dip into some cold water, travel somewhere warmer! This is a good one for those just starting to barefoot ski. Take advantage of that family vacation to Mexico or California and give the skiing a go someplace warmer.


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