The key to great barefooting is Bouncy Touncy Tigger the Tiger practice. You can learn the step-by-step method of barefooting with power and ease.

“There is no substitute for effort. If someone with superior natural ability permits you to outwork him, you can defeat him. If you permit someone of lesser skill to excel you in effort, he will likely excel you in accomplishment. Always play up to your full potential in every endeavor. The greatest extravagance of all is to waste human potential.”
— Joseph Robbie, NFL Owner

If you have ever been frustrated because your barefooting feels like you are using way too much strength and energy to just survive, then this article is just for you! Learn how to apply my Bouncy Trouncy Tigger the Tiger Barefooting principles to your barefooting and the effort will go down while your enjoyment goes through the roof!

A long time ago, I noticed something that you might have found incredibly aggravating. How is it that the best barefooters in the world make barefooting moves look so effortless while others struggle to just survive?

Why does it feel like so much effort when you try to do your dream barefoot trick?

What are the best barefooters doing that you are not?

The answer to this dilemma is the key to unlocking your barefooting dreams.

The answer is more obvious than you might think.

The answer is all about becoming more efficient in your barefooting.

Top barefooters do not waste energy.

Top barefooters are efficient barefooting machines.

Top barefooters know that great form is the key to great barefooting.

Here is what went through my mind as I was training with the worlds top skiers;

Why can’t I learn to ski as well on two feet as the topbarefooters in the world?

Why can’t I learn to do a one foot or toe-hold as well as the best barefooters in the world?

Even if I could not do the top tricks at that given pointin time, why not at least look as good as the top barefooters while doing the basics?

Answer: There is no reason in the world why you, can notlook as good while you are just barefooting along than the best barefooters.

That is great news, but the next obvious question I askedmyself is, “what exercise could I do to help me look effortless and efficient in my barefooting?

My years of perfecting this exercise is a gift from meto you.

I call this the “Tigger the Tiger Skiing.”

Much like Tigger the Tiger, I find that great skiers have great Posture and Glide and a great Power Band but still exhibit a looseness and lightness in all joints without any loss of stability. They are bouncy and Trouncy on the water and that seems to provide tremendous control that I know that people like you will benefit from!

I am going to outline how you can get into the ultra fun “Tigger the Tiger Skiing (TTTS).”

Let me first say that this will be helpful in the following areas of your skiing; all front and back positions including toe-holds and one foots, all surface turns!

To launch TTTS there will two keys; proper flexing or bending, and BREATHING!!!

Let me start with one of the best tips I can give you….

BREATHE early, breathe often, and breathe continuously!

I recommend that you make a journal and checklist to consciously check to see if you are breathing in all the different skills that you have accomplished in your barefooting!

I am constantly amazed but not surprised to see the dramatic effect this has on people.

I have watched a barefooter’s entire skiing demeanor change after successfully applying this to their skiing! By the way, the most successful breathing
is done by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth!

Once breathing is established you should find that you already feel a little more sassy in your skiing, but let’s take this one step further by completing the TTTS transition!

It is critical to the perfect position that you have a slight elbow flex in all front and back positions. To do this properly you should not be increasing your grip squeeze or flexing your bicep.

I sure hope you are paying close attention to this because this is POWERFUL!

In the front position, get into your great posture, then simply push your chest out slightly more while flexing your elbows. If this is done properly, your elbows are close to the side of your body and the chest is slightly ahead of your elbows.

If your elbows have a gap of more than a couple of inches between them and your chest, simply close this by rolling your shoulders back, lifting your rib cage upward, and lay back to bring your hips up and forwardinto the handle.

On the back position, there should never be a gap between your wrists and the top of your butt! If you are one of those skiers whose handle is lower than the top of your butt, then you will not be able to enjoy the pure ecstasy of TTTS!

To correct this, simply bring the handle in towards your imaginary belt line across your back so that the handle sits on top of your butt.

You should be in a slightly chicken winged position.

The key here is that you have a slight elbow bend that does not exceed 45 degrees, the handle is on top of your butt, your grip is relaxed, your elbows are pointed
up and not out (otherwise it is impossible to achieve great posture), and that you are breathing!!!!

Now that we have achieved the TTTS, you should have greatly increased stability in all skiing.

To really take this to the next level that would most likely make Tigger the tiger light headed with joy, practice being bouncy and Trouncy in ALL of your positions both forward and backwards; two foots AND one foots.

They key to doing this properly, make sure that you use your knees and hip flex like shock absorbers while keeping your upper body from moving too much.

I honestly believe this will bring you one step closer to skiing like a champion while being able to have fun while on the water.

Remember, never let TTTS interfere with the basics of Posture and Glide and The Power Band!

Let me know how you do! I am expecting a miracle for you and I hope you are expecting one also.

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