“Sometimes a trick is just a trick. Trust me, Padawans. You will grow in the Force. But in the meantime, don’t let your infatuation with its power dull your other senses.” -Micah Giett, Jedi Master. Jedi Council: Acts of War.

“Many of us fail to achieve big things because we lack concentration -that being the art of concentrating the mind on the thing to be done at the proper time and to the exclusion of everything else.”
-John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

“Hi Lane!

I enjoy the information I get from you, and read with great interest the advice and instruction that applies to my level of barefooting. Occasionally I teach introduce people to barefooting (mostly kids).
I got my 8-year-old niece up this summer, and it was like nothing for her (16 mph).

I found that often I forget to tell people how to land. With these new techniques and equipment, barefooting is so easy to learn and advance. The look of astonishment on the faces of a first-time
footer is amazing, but the landing gets them.

Personally (if I don’t forget) I tell the first-time footer to wait for my count of three, and on three; let go then throw the arms back and slide on the back. I need help with this. A few hit a little bit hard not knowing how to control when they should “bail out”.

Keep up the good work, and spread the news!”


Mike Strubble
Montreal, Canada

This is an article that is close to my heart and is critical to the proper gateway to great barefooting. I am so passionate about this and am very grateful to have someone request it. I believe it is one of the keys to my helping or sport to grow.

If I were to take a poll among our distinguished readers, I would no doubt get a majority agreement that we all “crushed ourselves” in the learning stages. Our war stories would make for a great campfire fotter about how we wavered on death to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

I am here to tell you today that the future of our sport depends on a motto which I hope you memorize.

“I promise to teach ALL beginners to barefoot with a ‘No Fall Guarantee!'” -Lanemus Maximus

How do we accomplish this? I have carefully documented this for you in my Trauma Center at

Look for my article entitled,
The Easiest Way to Learn to Barefoot Water-Ski
Now we are starting to see some light at the end of Mike Stubble’s question!

on the boom… DO NOT LET THEM FALL!

Even without too much explanation, I can guarantee the kids Mike is referring to have fallen hard enough already to rethink barefooting! Do not snicker because it is the single biggest mistake made by 99.9% of all barefooters (and ski school instructors) who have ever introduced their friends, girlfriends, wives, and kids to barefooting!

Imagine how many barefooters have quit our sport because they felt the sting of a ‘scorpion’ fall (heels hit the back of their head from falling improperly). By the way, the majority of these falls have happened while holding directly on the boom!

Lane “Dawg” Bowers’ Ultimate Guide to Beginning Barefooting

Follow my teaching method to the tee and you will have huge success in getting your buds into the sport that you know rules! Teaching without my video is a crime in some states so check with your local authorities…me!

Stage #1 The Easiest Way to Learn How to Barefoot –https://www.thefootersedge.com/traumacenter/info/ne18.htm

Stage #2 Dry-Land Proper Position including the Three-Point
Position, Ultra Mega Glide, and Posture https://www.thefootersedge.com/traumacenter/info/ne3.htm , https://www.thefootersedge.com/traumacenter/info/ne10.htm

Stage #3 Go immediately to the five or seven foot rope and teach the butt glide and three-point position! https://www.thefootersedge.com/traumacenter/info/ne10.htm

Stage #4 Learn to use the Puppy Paws if necessary to perfect the Three Point Position and the standing position.

Warning: There are exceptions to this order as I have out lined in Teaching Big Dudes to Barefoot


Keep barefooters who are either not very flexible or are over 35 years of age out of shoe-skis to avoid problems in the Three Point Position.

The most critical stage in working from the boom to the short rope is to avoid the tumble around method on the boom!

Eliminate teaching beginners to tumble on the boom! This is critical.

When you get to the rope, spend an insultingly long time perfecting the Butt Glide and the Three Point Position! This is the key to being safe.


Stage #3 is where more people make big mistakes. Do not be in a rush to get your student out of this stage. Make sure you keep it safe and as fun as possible.

Make sure to keep the chine spray (from the boat towards the boom) out of the skiers face at all times! Furthermore, do not let the skier move from the Butt Glide until they can ski without water in the face. To do this, keep the legs and knees straight without pushing down on the rope, and keep the thighs together.

Now we have finally arrived at the place where falling can be learned safely. At these slow speeds and with the skier close to the water, you can teach your student to fall!

What is the proper and only safe way to fall? Have your student put their chin on their chest and put their hands down by their hips as they tuck into a ball. If they screw this up, at least they are “LOW and SLOW!”

Massive Driver tip. Make sure your mirrors are placed so you can monitor your student. When you see they are in trouble or are going to fall…SLOW DOWN and let them gently sink into the water!

The method where you “tell the first-time footer to wait for my count of three, and on three; let go then throw the arms back and slide on the back” could lead to massive falls and makes the student nervous while thinking more about falling than learning not to fall.

If you have any doubts about how effective this method is, I would refer you to a student of mine who is a clinic organizer and a friend…Bill McKee ([email protected]). I am proud to say that Bill has learned this technique so well that upon my last clinic with him, I found a new group of students with
almost perfect form. As further evidence of this success, Bill has taught 33 (yes, thirty three!) brand new barefooters this year.
Congratulations Bill.

I hope this brings you joy safety, fun, and success!

Please do me a huge favor and forward this to at least one person who you might think would like to learn to barefoot water ski for the very first time! Please refer them to