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Perhaps you grew up spending summers with family on the lake. Or, you’ve always wanted to try your hand at water sports. The good news is that barefoot skiing is possible for skiers of all levels – even beginners! The summer is the perfect time to brush up on your barefoot skiing skills that you may have let get dusty from childhood, or pass the baton to your own children and teach them in a safe environment. Here are just a few reasons why barefoot skiing is the ultimate way to spend your summer.

There’s nothing quite like being on top of the water with your barefoot.

In most sports, in water and on land, there’s always a layer of separation between you and the surface. Shoes, bikes, skis, whatever it may be – it’s rare to be able to safely maintain direct contact with the earth or water. With barefoot skiing, this isn’t the case. You can literally interact with the water without something between you – and that’s a feeling unlike any other.

It’s easy for beginners and safe for the entire family.

While extreme barefoot skiing takes some serious time and skill, you can have yourself or your children tackling the beginning stages in a short amount of time. And then it’s only up from there! With The Footer’s Edge professional booms for all different types of boats, you can start your kids off slow and safe until they’re able to properly stand and ride the water.


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