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Benefits of Learning Barefoot Skiing Virtually


Benefits of Learning Barefoot Skiing Virtually If you have been wanting to master your barefoot skiing skills, then The Footer’s Edge Virtual Ski School is perfect for you! Our customized ski school with Lane ‘Dawg’ Bowers allows you to get expert barefoot skiing lessons at any time wherever you are! Flexibility to improve your skills [...]

Benefits of Learning Barefoot Skiing Virtually2020-12-23T18:27:36+00:00

Barefoot Skiing Speeds for Everything


Free Virtual Ski School Everything Barefoot Skiing Speeds If you have ever been frustrated because you do not know the right barefoot skiing speeds for the exact trick you are working on, click the PLAY button below to get the exact advice you need. I am also including the exact links for the barefoot [...]

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87-Year-Old Barefooter Birthday Wish


Celebrate with Dick Grant for his 87-Year-Old Barefooter Birthday Wish. Dick Grant's 87th birthday is in two months, but he had to get his annual lesson at TheFootersEdge so he could feed off of the exhilaration for another year. Dick Grant is an inspiration and in this video, I kept the music out so you [...]

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The Brodeo 360 Around the Boat Barefoot


The Brodeo 360 around the boat barefoot is one of the most fun stunts we have ever done. Brody Benoist was probably 11 years old at the time and his father, Brent Benoist, was the driver while I filmed. Enjoy and please leave me a comment and share with other barefooters!   If [...]

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Why Did I Fall Backward Barefooting?


Why Did I Fall Backward Barefooting? "Why did I fall backward barefooting?" If you have ever wondered the same thing, you will love this video. Follow my step-by-step analysis for correcting the form and setting yourself up for that dream run backward where you feel safe and bulletproof! In this video, you can [...]

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Barefoot Skiing Side Slide Step-by-Step


Barefoot Skiing Side Slide Step-by-Step Video Series If you have ever seen a barefoot skiing side slide, then you probably think it might be the coolest trick that has ever been invented. When I first saw Ron Scarpa do it in the late 1990's I was completely blown away. I absolutely knew that would be [...]

Barefoot Skiing Side Slide Step-by-Step2020-04-17T15:43:15+00:00

Barefoot Skiing Sharknado down under!


Barefoot skiing is challenging enough without flying bull sharks. Most people just want to learn to barefoot! Last night, I see my FB friends, Ryan Lloyd and Scott West, post a video of their barefoot skiing runs somewhere near Brisbane, Australia. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and until he actually showed me the [...]

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