“Sore Feet, Gliding, and the World’s Most Powerful Molecule”

I wanted to share with you an email I just got the other day that is very common and see if this could help you as well.

“Hello Lane— I feel like I know you, Because I have watched your learn to barefoot videos over the years. I am currently 71. I started footing  when I was about 40 when I purchased a 1986 Mastercraft with a barefoot boom.  My kids were young then — 12 and 15 – and I had a friend who was a footer. We all taught ourselves to foot and still do. I still have the boat, although I confess my barefoot suit is larger now than it was then!  In truth, barefooting really is my passion. I am mostly a straight ahead long line footer, with a wake crossing or two and perhaps a tumble turn in a good run. My biggest problem is my feet just get painfully hot after an unacceptably short time of footing (I hate to say it but 15 to 20 seconds and I’m thinking about sitting back down).  For the past 10 years or so My solution has been to wear lite, flexible rubber dive booties — which really don’t change the sensation of footing, but keep my feet from burning up.  (Now my thigh muscles become my limiting factor and start screaming at me after 60 to 90 seconds!)  Nonetheless, I do see the booties as a crutch and, if there was someway I could eliminate the problem and ski without them, I would do so. Do I just need to go barefoot and walk over hot coals more frequently to toughen up the bottom of my feet?  Any thoughts?  I weigh 190 and generally foot at around 40 long line and 38 off the boom.  With the exception of a one week vacation on a lake in Virginia, the rest of my skiing is done in Pennsylvania on public water. – I average one day a week on the water and get in three or four pulls early before the conditions get rough and my grandchildren want to wakeboard and waterski .  Any suggestions would be appreciated – getting to Winterhaven for an actual day of instruction is on my bucket list! Robby Billard. (Congratulations on the Hall of Fame!)”

Robby Billard

My response to Robby:

“Hey there!

Thanks for the email and the kind words.

I have taught alot of people in their 60s, 70, 80s, and one in their 90s. You have a long way to go enjoying barefooting the safe way.

Yes. I can help.

#1 best and safest way to alleviate sore feet is to change your barefooting speed from 40mph and learn to barefoot at 32mph which is very enjoyable for going straight and tumble turns. It is more relaxing and safer as long as you do not cross the wake or do a one-foot which would require more speed.

23 mph barefooting long line at 190lbs

In addition, you will be able to barefoot longer at the slower speed and improve your feetconditioning for faster runs as the season progresses.

#2 I also find wearing these reflexology insoles in your shoes to be very helpful first with socks and as much you can without socks going into your season.

#3 I am about to release my amazing story of recovery from tremendous health challenges that you will most likely be interested in. 

Reader’s Digest version: 6 months ago I was in big trouble with multiple health problems andserious diagnosis where my Dr wanted me to check into Shans for a multitude of Dr’s to start finding more problems. Now at 55 years old, today, I am stronger, healthier, leaner (30lbs lighter!) than I was at my peak competitive career.

I stumbled upon the 1999 Nobel prize science for the discovery of the redox cell signaling molecule and then found the company which has the only source of this miracle molecule outside the body.

If you want more info, just text me at 863-269-0786 or email me back because I do not want to bore you with something if you are not interested, but I believe that you can achieve greater health and a major renewal of youth that would allow you to enjoy barefooting for a very long time!”

“Expect a Miracle!”

Lane “Dawg” Bowers


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