Subject: Winter Haven Florida October 30, 2004 – Short
Attention Span Theatre- #2

“Every year, I go back to the basics about throwing the ball and work on the whole throwing motion up from the bottom. Ipracticed at the way to be done.”–Joe Namath, NFL Quarterback and Sports Broadcaster

#1 “Lane, I am 6′ 255, learning to barefoot. I am trying toperfect the 3-point position on the 5′ rope on the boom. Buttgliding is easy (lots of padding), but when I put my feet onthe water I bounce terrible. Please help. I have your video &e-book.” -Wes

Lane Dawg: Wes, I can deftly help you out with that problem!The reason your feet bounce, is because only the heels are going into the water. This position causes resistance insteadof glide. This problem can definitely be solved by reading inpracticing my article at

In addition to this article, I highly recommend reading my article on teaching big dudes. I have taught more people over 200 and 300 pounds than any other instructor in the world, and I pride myself and making my techniques easier for everyone.This article is at

To help you get your feet in the correct position on the water,I recommend the following for anyone over 200 pounds. Make sure to extend your hands and the handle out in front of yourknees as you flex your ankles back wide by your butt (knees together). Make sure that you can see above your knees as your performing this procedure. If your eyes are closed or your head is tilted back, your feet will not go on the waterproperly even if they are flexed correctly.

#2 “Please explain how to move back and forth over the wake.”
— Jim Haggart

Lane Dawg: I would love to go into a long explanation of howimportant body position is before crossing the wake, but I willanswer the question that you asked me. In order to edge acrossthe wake, you will need to learn to ski on the inside edge in of your cutting foot. This is the foot that is furthest away from the wake. Going back and forth across the wake is most easily accomplished by practicing your edging skills outside the wake and on both sides of the wake before ever attempting to cross the wake. You will also make this easier on yourself if you practice it on Puppy Paws first.

The key to crossing the wake is learning to put as much weightas possible on your right instep as you are going to the left or in your left instep as you are going to the right. The edging foot should be directly under the rope in order to get an efficient cut towards or away from the wake. Learning to
ride your one foots and on each foot and on each side of the wake will make this process much easier. Make sure to read myarticle in front slalom at whichis also explained in detail on my two-hour instructional videoat .

#3 “My question is how do I learn backwards deepwater from a
boom bar.”
Regards, Marc.

Lane Dawg: I love teaching backwards barefooting to people likeyou Marc and I can definitely help you become a great backbarefooter! The quickest way to becoming a great backwardsbarefooter, is to come to the table prepared. I highlyrecommend that you read my articles at andthat you visualize it by reviewing my two-hour instructional video at .

The safest way to learn backwards is by learning the backwards deepwater start. There are three different stages which eachrequired time to master. I would have you start by learning the point and flex method, which I described at and .

#4 “What boat and motor do you feel are the best for barefooting?” -Joe

Lane Dawg: I am very partial to Vortec engines. The morehorsepower the better! And Malibu’s new Vortec Hammerhead Engine boasts 400 horsepower! I am also sponsored by MalibuBoats which I feel are the best built boats in the world! Ialso still enjoy skiing behind my Malibu flight craft with the
Mercury 200 DFI engine! Although it is not made any more, manybarefooter’s regard this both as the best barefoot boat that isever been built.

#5 “I have been on the boom for 6 years. Every time I try to stand behind the boat, I do not make it. I’m tired of riding100 yards on my butt. I’m 6′ 235Lbs and in my 40’s.” -Thanks,

Lane Dawg: the quickest solution to getting you all behind theboat is by the use of my wake board start method. Check outthis article at . I would also read my article about teaching big dudes at .

But before doing this practice the exercise outlined in myarticles #61 and #68 at

Most people who read my newsletters, find it hard to believethat the average age student I teach your my ski school isbetween ages 35 and 50! Therefore, do not let age become anissue because I have taught thousands of people your age andyour size. I can almost guarantee that the very first thing
you would need to work on it is tweaking your butt glide beforelearning the proper three-point position! Where your handle isriding and Holly your knee shin is all in the Butt glide andthree-point will most certainly help you to success!

Fear not, Dave! I can guarantee your success if you follow mywritten articles and study my two-hour instructional video at

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