subject: Winter Haven Florida October 30, 2004 – Short Attention
Span Theatre #1

“A man who is self-reliant, positive, optimistic, and undertakeshis work with the assurance of success magnetizes hiscondition. He draws to himself, the creative powers of the
—Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

As promised, here are my short answers to your short questionsthat I hope will help you achieve your barefooting dreams.

#1 “Is there a trick to painless falls???? If so, what is it?”

Thank you,

Lane Dawg: that is a great question and one that is close to myheart. There is nothing that I enjoy more than helping peopleto learn how to ski smart and thus fall less. The key to painless falls, is choosing the right thing to do at the rightmoment , and that the right speed. I highly recommend you readmy article at .

But since I know that you want a direct answer to your questionthat is simple, I would tell you that the most critical thingto falling forwards is to let go of the handle immediately without attempting to hold on, and to make sure to put yourchin your chest as you curl your body into a ball. Also, try to
keep your hands near your hips to avoid having your armsextended.

#2 “Why do I need a lot of speed (45ish) to feel like I am notsinking? Weight 165” Thanks, Mark

Lane Dawg: the problem that you are encountering, Mark, is thatyou’ll are not in a gliding position. In other words, you areonly skiing and a small part of your foot near your heel. If you study and practice my Ultra Mega Glide foot position, you will feel comfortable at speeds in the low to mid-thirties.
Make sure you read my article at and
also my Foot Ski article at

Even though you may not want to hear this, the best place tolearn the Ultra Mega Glide is by doing the Three-pointPosition properly. You can review this and master it on dryland first (before ever taking to the water) by reading myarticle at . If
you would rather watch this being done via video, check out myVirtual Ski School at where I show you how to practice this position before ever getting onthe water.

#3 “I weigh about 150, and I was able to get the boat up toabout 35mph with me behind on 1 ski. I am able to ski aroundwith 1 foot on the water, but when ever I try to step out of the ski, I fall. I then tried the wakeboard start, but the board would always bounce rapidly until I fall off. Any suggestions?”

Lane Dawg: My advice to you is to stay away from the ski and concentrate on the wake board start. The reason the board isbouncing is because you’re trying to go too fast before getting your feet set. Keep the speed around 10 miles an hour until your feet are in a good position on the water. As the boat
accelerates, flex your ankles and bring your heels back underneath your knees. Concentrate on good upper body posture, relaxed arms, and let the boat pull you off the board as I
described in my article at . You
can also see this video for free at where you can follow the links for
the “Free Videos.”

Your life would also become a lot easier if you could watch mytwo-hour instructional video at .

#4 “Tell me what I am doing wrong with my back wakes. I justhave a hard time getting across.”

Lane note: I can most certainly guarantee that you are havingtwo problems. First of all, you are not in a great backwards barefoot in position. Second of all, you need to learn to bemore relaxed like Tigger the Tiger. Once you can ski inperfect form on the boom, while showing me a bouncy trouncy
Tigger the Tiger position as described in my article at , you then need to begin to perfect your position in the same way on the long rope before ever trying to cross the wake.

I recommend the following articles;

#4 “Have you ever experienced a pulled hamstring? Do you haveany good advice on physical therapy to avoid re-injury nextseason?” – James Hanan

Lane Dawg: unfortunately, James, I have experienced a pulledhamstring and it is not fun at all. I can tell you that the best thing you can do is to get immediate physical therapy deep in the muscle to make sure that you do not have excessive scar tissue. Once you have been given the OK by the doctor to start training, I recommend some light strength training in order to get the blood flow in that hamstring and to increase your strength there to keep this from happening again. Avoiding either one of these steps will cause you a lot of grief. I’ve seen this many times, and those who avoid therapy and strength training end up paying a dear price for their neglect. Make sure you allow proper time to heal.

#5 “Lane, I’m planning a trip for the family to visit Orlando inearly May ’05. We are a family that enjoys water sports, nothing competitive, just fun. My 11 year old daughter has been open water slaloming since 4, is also getting into wakeboarding. My Wife and 8 year old also slalom.

Now she’s thinking about footing.

Do you offer lessons in May? Do you provide barefoot suit (for 11 year old girl)? How much instruction would be needed to get her started (timeand cost)?What could I expect her to be able to do after instruction, boom, short line, long line? Can we video the instruction?How long of a trip from Orlando are you?” – Dave Plummer

Lane Dawg: those are great questions, Dave. It is never tooearly to get your kids involved in bare footing if they alreadyenjoy the water and waterskiing. Yes, I offer lessons in May(year-round depending on my schedule). Yes, we rent wetsuitsfor any age and size as long as we get your information wellahead of your trip.

A lot of your 11 year old girl’s progression will depend on howcomfortable she is on the water. If she is not afraid of waterin her face, you can expect that she will become proficient inthe swing and possibly on the short rope (5 foot on the boom)in one to two days. So much of it depends on your daughter,
but I have taught many young children who are proficient on thelong line both backwards and forwards at that age. I am moreconcerned with safety then I am with the speed of learning.The order of my priorities are safety, having fun, and thenlearning something. This always produces the best result.

Yes, you are always welcome to video my instruction at TheFooter’s Edge Training Center.We are 45 minutes from the Orlando international Airport.

Info on training with me personally at The Footer’s EdgeTraining Center is available at or you cancall us at the numbers below!

I will answer more of your questions in my next presentation ofShort Attention Span Theatre next week.

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