“Short Attention Span Theater Presents…

Wisconsin is Getting an UnFair Advantage”

Winter Haven, Fl

Tuesday December 5, 2017

“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.-Sam Rutigliano, NFL and College Football Coach

This Short Attention Span Theater features questions from a group of barefooters getting ready for their Green Lake, WisconsinCorrect Craft reunion

Question: “I am just a novice, I can deepwater start, tumble turn, but I need to work on posture, and I think I would like to learn to one foot.”- Rob

Lane “Dawg”: Learning a one-foot is all about learning to ski in good form. Next you need to learn the two keys to your set-up position.

Good form pictures are on my site at
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Question: “I want to learn to hang on to the barefoot boom and hope I don’t bash my teeth on the boom.”-BKH

Lane “Dawg”: I believe, BKH, that you have seen a barefoot beating and you are not interested in the sequel! This is a case of the blind teaching the blind. What you need is to stop circulating the Urban Legends and get with my guaranteed No Fall Barefooting program.

I want you to practice the following exercises on dry land before ever getting on the water. Get you unfair advantage over your bruised buddy at

If you prefer to see an online video of this technique, go to
http://www.beabarefooter.com and enter your name and
email. Follow the links for “Free Barefooting Videos.”

Question: “I can get up front deep long line or short rope. Then I can hang on until I eat it, big time. I’ve blown my eardrums multiple times so I’d like Mike to teach me how to fall. Seriously. If someone can re-program my brain to tumble in a fall instead of face plant and break my spine backwards it would be worth any price.”-M3Fan

Lane “Dawg”: I have never been more passionate aboutanything in barefooting than the answer to this question. Iguarantee my results…you do need to be reprogrammed…learning to fall better is the smallest part of the answer.Learning to avoid the problem in the first place, is the biggestsecret in skiing…

“The Truth About Falling” is changing the way the world barefoots…


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