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Water Skiing Nostalgia

Every person that has been Water Skiing most likely remember their very first time. It might not have been very awesome, but I’m sure the experience was memorable. When was the first time you went Water Skiing? What lake was it on? How hard did you fall at first? These questions probably all have feelings of nostalgia when you think about them.

Use Boom Saccs

Now we ask the question, Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids and family could experience the same feeling of nostalgia Water Skiing, once they learn to get up on their first try without falling? We thought you’d say yes! The Footer’s Edge will train you to be more than just a Water Skier, but the best Water Barefoot Skier on your Lake! Watersport Accessories like our Barefoot Booms will allow your kids to get up on skis, wakeboard, or even barefoot on their first try and at super slow speeds without falling! Imagine how excited they will be to learn without all the hard falls you experienced your first time. Imagine the amazing pictures and videos you will create!


This Summer, make sure and reserve some time for the whole family at The Footer’s Edge. Lane “Dawg” Bowers will teach your kids or other family members how to barefoot at super slow speeds and without falling. Lane specializes in teaching families and groups to all safely learn the world’s best family activity. Contact The Footer’s Edge today to make an appointment for Water Skiing Lessons. (863) 269-0786


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