The W705 gray Pro X Series Fat Sac Rear Seat Bottom Center Locker 12x26x62 650LBS is a versatile ballast bag that works well in place of the rear seat on inboards, in the center locker, or anywhere else it fits.

The W705 gray Pro X Series Fat Sac Rear Seat Bottom Center Locker 12x26x62 650LBS is one of the most versatile wakeboard ballast bags that Fly High currently offers, finding a perfect home in many locations throughout the boat. Its low profile design means it will fit in many storage areas including the center locker, under seat storage, or in place of the rear seat, yet the generous length and width add up to allow a significant amount of additional weight.

The Rear Seat Sac is designed to fit in the center locker of v-drive boats or replace the rear seat cushion in direct drive wakeboard boats with 650 lbs. of ballast. Thanks to the bulletproof construction, sitting, standing or walking on the bag is perfectly fine.

Hand Crafted Quality

Made in Milwaukee

FATSAC ballast systems are the original choice for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. Trusted by leading boat manufacturers, FATSAC offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing. Our products are specifically designed to provide added safety, convenience and improved performance without causing damage to your boat. By using our advance cutting machine, welding system and Valmex material, we can assure you that your FATSAC will be extremely durable and of the highest quality. FATSAC, crafted right here in Milwaukee, is your ballast solution.

Size60″L x 26″W x 10″H
Weight650 lbs.
PortsN/A fill, 3 fill/vent – 1 drain
Warranty1 Year
ManufacturerFly High – view brand page
Manufacturer Part #W705

If you need a bag to replace a damaged hard tank KGB. This bag will work. After the initial install it may push up on the access door, but they are made to conform to the space that they are in.

I think the Fly High bags are tougher than some of the competing bags. One other brand has plugs that are too flat and near impossible to loosen with your hand. No such issues with Fly High.