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Fly High Fat Sac Official W720 Glue

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Fly High Fat Sac Official W720 Glue is the only glue that Fly High Fatsacs recommends for gluing in their fittings to any of the Fly High Fatsacs.

If you have any questions about how to use Fly High Fat Sac Official W720 Glue, call Mike at 561-523-1947.

Hand Crafted Quality

Made in Milwaukee

FATSAC ballast systems are the original choice for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. Trusted by leading boat manufacturers, FATSAC offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing. Our products are specifically designed to provide added safety, convenience and improved performance without causing damage to your boat. By using our advance cutting machine, welding system and Valmex material, we can assure you that your FATSAC will be extremely durable and of the highest quality. FATSAC, crafted right here in Milwaukee, is your ballast solution.

That quality seal of approval, letting you know your sacs will probably last longer than you own the boat

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