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Barefoot International W209 Tower Boom 2 X B110 (Fits XStar, X-80 Tower, and G3 Towers)

W209 Tower Boom (Fits XStar, X-80 Tower, and G3 Towers)

$1,069.98 $949.97


Barefoot International W209 Tower Boom (Fits XStar, X-80 Tower, and G3 Towers)

W209 Tower Boom (Fits XStar, X-80 Tower, and G3 Towers)

Barefoot International B111 Boom Handle Attachment × 2 – optional


Our Barefoot International W209 Tower Boom 2 X B110 (Fits XStar, X-80 Tower, and G3 Towers) is meant for boats with wakeboard towers that have a tubing diameter of  boat2 7/8-3 inch tubing and includes the B111 Kids handle ($99.99 optional) that is great for getting skiers out of the chine spray as well as reducing the diameter from 2 inches to 1 inch which is easier for kids or anyone with small hands to use.

The Barefoot International W209 Tower Boom 2 X B110 (Fits XStar, X-80 Tower, and G3 Towers)  is something you should not order unless speaking with me personally by TEXT at 863-269-0786 or by Message on our site, This particular combo is designed to use two B110 Boom extensions to get out of the chine spray. Your G3 or factory installed Malibu, MasterCraft tower can handle the torque, but I would not put a heavy adult in a swing all the way on the end with this extra length. Kids are no problem. Adults barefooting… even multiple adults barefooting is no problem, but not the full weight of a large adult on the very end. If you had a large adult who you wanted to put in a swing as I did with 385lb World’s Strongest Man, Phil Pfister on my Malibu FlightCraft with 1 boom extension, move the heavy adult closer to the support arm or talk to me first 🙂

Also, when using our boom extensions with a tower boom, you will have to have the first extension only milled slightly on the male end to fit since Barefoot International does this as a safety procedure to make sure someone does not use it with a weaker inferior tower. Yours is no problem.
Check out me teaching 2005 World’s Strongest Man, Phil Pfister, to barefoot. He was 6’8” and 385lbs when I taught him

We have a Barefoot International Tower Boom to fit the tubing of every wakeboard tower.

We have Tower Booms to fit the new G3 Towers, ZFT4 Towers, as well as the new
Correct Craft towers with round tubing!

Check out this tutorial for our G3 Tower Boom installation and we have more available
on my YouTube channel.

We will personally walk you through the installation of our tower boom with world class

support to make sure you are setup safely. Although your installation may be different,

check out this tower boom installation video below to see the basics that will apply to

your tower boom installation…

In addition, we will include a free gift of our No Fall Barefooting DVD as well as our

2 Hour Instructional Barefooting DVD for download FREE ($88 value and will

show you and your kids how to barefoot without falling and at super slow speeds!)

If you are not sure what you need or if you need a shipping quote for international orders,

TEXT me at 863-269-0786, email me at [email protected], or

message me on FB

Here are some great boom accessories that we recommend with your Tower Boom:
The B110 boom extension is for getting kids out of the chine spray (call Mike at 561-523-1947 about using with Tower Boom b4 purchase)
The B107 Height adjuster does NOT work with Tower Booms.
The B111 Kids handle reduces the diameter of the boom to 1 inch like a ski handle which is easier for small hands to hold on to.
The B111 also has the added benefit of getting skiers further away from the chine spray!

The Tower Boom can be used on either Driver’s Side or Passenger’s side of your boat. There is no right or wrong answer. I personally prefer DRIVER’s side because I drive and teach at the same time and prefer to be as close to the skier as possible. It is OK if you prefer the other side of the boat.

The Tower Boom should ONLY be put on and taken off next to a dock or shallow water. After the initial installation, it can be put on and taken off in minutes. It should take no more than an hour to properly install with our free phone help. We also ask you to submit photos and then we will confirm that you are good to go. From this point on, your boom setup will last as long as your boat with a small amount of common sense care 🙂

“The boom is not only for barefooting, it is also the best way to LEARN to get up on skis and boards. We have booms to fit every type of boat.”

With any of our Barefoot International Booms anyone from 4 years old to 400lbs can learn to get up on skis, boards, surf, or barefooting on the first try. We have videos of our clients barefooting without falling like 84 year old Dick Grant (81 in this video) and World’s Strongest Man, Phil Pfister learning to barefoot at 6’8″ and 385lbs!

NOTE: You can also tie the boom back to a clete or handle easily to prevent excess movement. Feel free to contact me with any concerns. I LIVE to serve my clients 🙂

“All our booms are built to stay strong. For added safety our booms have a dual stainless steel cable system that runs all the way from the boom to the attachment point at the bow of the boat. There are no levers or moving parts on our boom clamps because moving parts can loosen, wear out and break. Our boom clamps are extremely strong with heavy duty hardware to ensure they remain firmly mounted. Also our boom clamps come with a heavy duty safe airline quick release pin which makes it easy to attach and remove the booms. By purchasing a Barefoot International boom you are guaranteeing that you have the highest quality, strongest and without a doubt the safest boom.”

Do not install this boom before speaking to us personally to ensure safety. We will send an email reminder.

When you go to the checkout page and it asks for a shipping option,
choose the least expensive option because it will not charge you since
I already have the shipping built into the quote. Even though it shows
a price, it will not add this to your order.


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