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Barefoot International Tower Boom

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Our Barefoot International tower boom is the easiest way to learn to wakeboard, waterski, slalom, sky ski, wake surf, and barefoot water ski! Kids and adults can get up on their first try, at very slow speeds, and without falling! We have free video tutorials to show you how!

The only boom that was designed to be mounted on any tubular tower. This boom is rock solid and can be stowed by pulling three quick release pins and detaching the cable system from the bow. It can also be used to train new wakeboarders at slower speeds while an instructor directs them on what to do. *TIP* Keep a small tube of clear silicone grease in the boat and apply a light coat to the hitch pins on a regular basis. This will help with installation and removal of the pins.

We have a Barefoot International Tower Boom to fit the tubing of every wakeboard tower.

We have Tower Booms to fit the new G3 Towers, ZFT4 Towers, as well as the new
Correct Craft towers with round tubing!

Check out this tutorial for our G3 Tower Boom installation and we have more available
on my YouTube channel at

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Additional information

tower tubing diameter

W206 fits towers 1.75-2" in diameter, W207 fits towers 2¼"-2½" in diameter, W209 fits towers 2 7/8" and 3" in diameter

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