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Storing your boat for winter requires some steps. That’s because long periods of storage plus harsh winter weather can do some damage. You’ve invested money and time on your boat, so it’s better to know how to store your boat for winter the right way. Consequently, you won’t have to spend money on damages come spring comes back around.

How to Store Your Boat for Winter

There are a couple of items you want to have on your checklist. You have to be careful when you store your boat for a long period of time. For example, change your oil. Any water that might have gotten inside the tank can do some serious damage. Change it out and add some new oil.

Refresh the coolant system. The last thing you want is for cold weather to freeze parts of your engine. You’ll also want to remove any drive belts. When they are kept in tension for too long, they start to crack and have a shorter life span.

Notably, you’ll also want to fill up your gas tank. Sure, it’ll be nice to have it ready to go when you take it out again, but mostly it’s for protection. Doing so will stop any condensation from building up inside and corroding the tank.

Lastly, put a cover over your boat or keep it inside. This will protect the interior and exterior of the boat.


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