PowerBand Releases Your Barefooting Awesomeness

Have you ever felt like you are not reaching your barefooting potential? Do you know the frustration of feeling like you are surviving instead of taking over the lake and becoming “The Best Barefooter On Your Lake?” If so, you might need to tap into the awesomeness of learning to harness your barefooting PowerBand! Quite Simply, getting into the PowerBand releases your barefooting awesomeness.


The PowerBand Releases Your Awesomeness

The PowerBand Releases Your Barefooting Awesomeness

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I have discovered throughout my athletic career that there were no short cuts to success.
Kids should realize that one does not get to the top by luck but through hard work.
Pros make any sport look easy because they have mastered the fundamentals of their particular game.”
Dick Van Arsdale, NBA Forward

What a great quote and how true this is. I have committed this year to master the basics in an all-new and even more intense way than ever before. The basics of barefooting come down to Posture, Glide, and PowerBand.

The PowerBand can be described as “squeezing.”

If I were to describe in a single word what it feels like to perform the perfect trick, the perfect wake cross, or the perfect jump, I would answer “squeezing.” I believe that you can use your powers of visualization with dryland practice to feel and see yourself skiing perfectly.  Follow along and expect to take your barefooting to the next level!

I can best describe how I feel when I am skiing my best as “squeezing!” This one simple verb describes what takes me pages to write out. Let me also warn you that this squeezing feeling only works as I am describing when one has perfected posture and glide. It is possible to greatly abuse this squeezing feeling if you are in a plowing and defensive skiing position. To me, squeezing describes a feeling of harmony from head to toe that results in a powerful yet calm demeanor.

In addition, I am not talking about spending a ton of energy to get the PowerBand squeeze. It is focused attention on what muscles to use and which muscles to relax.

I will describe this feeling in terms of what I personally feel and how it might best help you! I will number these squeezes individually for easy visual reference.

#1 squeezing the front of my foot upward into my shin.

  Many people make the HUGE mistake of “cranking” their toes while pushing the ball of their foot downwards in a gas pedaling motion. They think they are gliding by pushing the ball of their foot down towards the water which is one of the biggest problems I run across. When done properly, it should feel like you are squeezing your shin muscles and not lifting your toes! If this causes more spray from your feet, then your heel must come back towards your butt!

#2 squeezing my thighs together. This is not used unless you are working your surface turns (2′ and 1′ turns) or your one-foot positions both forwards and backwards.

I even train in the off-season to increase my ability to squeeze my groin muscles. There are machines out there that are designed just for this purpose and should be learned under the guidance of a trainer in conjunction with other strength training. If you cannot pop a regulation basketball in between your legs, then keep practicing!

Tip: practice keeping a Gatorade bottle in between your thighs (next to your cup), and performing everything from starts to turns to jumping!

#3 squeezing into the PowerBand

PowerBand DEFINITION:  The POWER BAND is the position that is achieved that puts the pull of the boat into your hips and allows you to ski with way more power than you would in any other position. It is easiest understood in the back position. The best way to get you into this position is for you to get out of your chair.

…I am waiting

…still waiting


  1. Now, stand at attention in perfect posture (shoulder roll and MEATHOOK!).
  2. Spread your feet to about shoulder’s width.
  3. Now bend over into a backward barefooting position without changing your posture or the position of the arms at your side.
  4. Now, take a barefoot handle of something of similar dimensions and put the rubber handle under where your belt buckle would be (yes, I know some of you are reading this in your underwear!).
  5. Pretend (not that hard) that you have an enormous gut and put it onto your thighs while arching your back (shoulder roll and MEATHOOK!) as described previously.
  6. If you can keep the handle squeezed into place while keeping your head up and your chest out, then you have achieved the POWER BAND!

#4 squeezing my shoulder blades together.

You should be able to do this in such a way as to force your chest out while keeping the bottom of your rib cage as far away from the top of your hip bone (i.e.. the perfect feeling of posture!) “Shoulder Roll and MEATHOOK!”

How will this help you?

Well, let’s say you are learning a front deep. Squeezing your thighs together will help you to keep the water out of your face, help you achieve the perfect 3-point, and protect your knees.

Let’s say you are an “aqua plow” that cannot be seen through the spray at any speed up through the entire range of your boat motor. Learning to squeeze the front of your foot into your shin (#1) combined with the PowerBand (#3) will allow you to ski at speeds closer to bicycling than to NASCAR racing.

Let’s say that you are working on tumble turns. Squeezing your thighs (#2) while keeping your legs straight and low to the water will keep your tumbles controlled and will allow for more fluid motion.

Let’s say you are learning to jump! #1, #2, #3, and #4 will allow you to explode off the ramp instead of getting thrown from it like a bad Rodeo ride.

Let’s say you want a great one-foot turn! Every step is critical and will allow you to have the best looking one-foot turns in the world!

If you are trying to perfect your backward barefooting form and feel like you are fighting the pull of the boat so you do not catch a heel, the PowerBand will put the pull of the boat into your hips where you have the most leverage, power, and the least amount of effort!

This information is so dead nuts on that some people have told me that I shouldn’t make it available where my competitors could find out about my techniques. To that I respond, I only hope that I am able to help you achieve your personal miracle!

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