Subject: one-foot turns with the Big Dawg!!!!!

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Takin’ it up a notch with One-Foot Turns

This trick is one of my favorite turns because it combinessimplicity with strength, balance, and technique. There isvery little motion to this trick compared to the two-foot front to back, but do not let that deceive you. It is difficult because it requires an even greater concentration on form

Please refer to my article NFTE#51 Vision
as well as my Positions Page to see the correct front and back
positions at

You should only try this trick if you are very proficient at the two foot front to back and two foot back
to front. You should also be very confident on your back onefoot and front one foot and toe hold positions!

Hint #1 You should have mastered my“Bouncy Trouncy Tigger the Tiger” positions in the front and
back one-foots to ensure that you balance in almost any variation of the one-foot positions!

Hint #2 You should master this and any turn on dry land andthen on my Puppy Paws before ever trying this on your feet!

After you are in a perfect front one-foot position, there are three very big keys to making this trick doable;

#1 Power Band and Squeeze! Thighs and shoulder blades. Make sure to keep your hips forward so that the pull of theboat is into your hips and not your shoulders.

#2 Vision!!! I can not state this enough.NFTE#51 Vision at

#3 Quiet Upper Body!
This applies to all barefoot turns. The less motion there is in your upper body, the more likely the turn will be generatedfrom your hips. The way that this is seen in a one-foot turnis when you see the shoulders and arms move excessivelybefore the turn. The more they move, the more the upper
body will turn before the lower body. We want all of ourturns to come from the hips. This is the same in all types of waterskiing!

After you have this down on puppy paws, you are ready for your feet. One of the best things I can tell you is to concentrate on the above and turn slowly. Turning too aggressively will cause you to over rotate which will make the end of the turn more difficult!

The key to the one-foot back to front is to keep your formand let the boat pull you to the front without getting pulled”around the clock” as I discuss in my “Clock Theory of Turns.”

Good luck and let me know how you do!

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