“To persevere, trusting in what you hope for, is courage.”

“What a new face courage puts on everything!”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson “Resources,” 1876

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I have one request. I have water allergies that make front long line deeps uncomfortable the next day. I use nose plugs but they do not always work. I am able to start on my stomach and tumble turn to the front on the boom. Is there a way to do this long line?

Thank you.

Thom Christen”

It takes courage to go barefooting when you know it could cost yousleep and extreme sinus problems, but many barefooters have just accepted that sinus problems are normal! They do not have to be and Iam going to reveal my Lane “Dawg” Bowers 100% sinus problemsolution that will make one major happy camper!

Then I am going to show you how to do the long-line front tumble-upthe easy way!

Lane “Dawg” Bowers’ 100% sinus problem be gone solution:

You can either use duct tape, clear medical tape, or even better, a water-proof band aide! The key is how it is applied.

#1 put one side of the band aide on one nostril.
#2 Pinch the nostril completely against your septum.
#3 Pinch the other nostril tight to your septum
#4 Pull the tape tightly around the front of your nose being careful
to completely cover your nose openings, and pull the tape tightly
onto other nostril making a completely air tight covering that I
guarantee will keep all water out of your nose!

Make sure there is not oil, grease, or lotion on your nose before applying!

This solution by itself, has been a major source of happiness for thousands of barefooters! I really hope to hear that this helps you! Click HERE to see the final result!

Now, let’s get to the long line front tumble-up!

I am going to start by list my tips for making the long-line front tumble-upan easy one;

#1 A great barefoot suit and padded shorts are critical! I have
found that this start as well as all forward starts and tumble turns
are about 20 % more effortless using my Iron Man shorts and
Barefoot Iron suit because of the full wrap padding and the double
gluing of the padding.

I will explain why on this week’s instructional video of the front

#2 The use of the extended pylon or Fly High is a MAJOR help to making this as well as all your barefooting easier. Why? This is not just hype. The upward pull gets more of your body out of the wateron this start which makes barefooting easier AND safer! That is why we now use extended pylons at all times and in all tournaments.

#3 Shorten the rope up to make the upward pull even more
pronounced! In this weeks’ new instructional video (https://www.thefootersedge.com/membervideopage/index.htm)
I will reveal the my favorite “Z-Man” knot for easy rope shortening that will blow you away! The new spectra ropes tend to melt andthis 2 second knot is so easy that you will be showing it off to your buddies!

#4 Keep the acceleration medium until you are more proficient. The speed should not exceed 25 until the skier gets outside the wake!

#5 Start way out to the side where you want to go (before the boat takes off) so you can get outside the wake without going over it!

#6 It is much easier in a dry suit 
with Iron suit and shorts underneath because you are not so deepin the water before take-off!

#7 This is tremendously easier if you have perfected your “windshield wipers” and tumble turn 180’s.https://www.thefootersedge.com/videos/index.htm

#8 Your legs and knees must remain straight, squeezed together, and no more than 12 inches off the water!!!!

With the rope on the Fly High, shortened to around 50 feet in length, and you donned in your ultra mega slippery new gear,and your starting point 30 feet out from the center of the boat towards the side where you want to do your tumble, you are ready to begin!

I like to keep my arms pretty bent to protect my shoulders and to help me get into my “body-surfing” mode! As the boat accelerates at a medium acceleration to no more than 25 mph, lean onto your elbow and hip in thedirection you want to go. I like to look at my target outside the wake!

Edge (“body-surf”) aggressively until you are outside the wake while trying to miss the wake from the boat completely. If you have to go over the wake, you did not edge as aggressively as you could have so you will have to deal with the additional bounce from dropping off the wake into the curl.

Once you have reached the curl, stabilize for a minute. If you start bouncing, get onto one hip and elbow to eliminate being flat on your stomach.

When you get ready to begin the tumble, realize that you wantto onto one side of your body while “locking your elbow” until they are completely straight with the MIDDLE of the handle on your “gun holster” or outside thigh.

IF YOU LIKE ABUSE TRY THIS; The worst case scenario is rolling onto a flat back with your arms extended over your head!!!Without going into specifics, this is a lot like those police beatingsthat occasionally gets captured on TV!

This start becomes smoother and easier when you become betterat rolling onto one of your hips and ribs while locking the handle onto the other hip (gun holster) and rib. Keep in mind, you must keep the leading edge (side of your body that the handle is on) out of the water until you get completely to the front.

At no time during this start should your legs bend, come apart, or rise higher off the water than 12 inches!

After you get to the front, immediately pull the handle into yourhip and ride the butt glide position for at least 5 seconds to ensurethat you are in control! It is not a bad idea to even hook your feet over the rope and re-pull the handle into your hips untilyou are sure of yourself.

The driver should not exceed 30 mph until you are in control. An extra couple of mph (3-5 mph over the initial 25 mph) will make the tumble in the curl of the wake easier.

After you are smiling and waving your fist in the air out of excitement of getting into your happy place (great butt glideposition), you can do your 3-point position and wave to the thousands of adoring fans (like fisherman) who have watched this amazing start!

Click here to check out this week’s new instructional video as I teach it to “Super Dave” in just a couple of attempts!!!!!

Remember the Virtual Ski School ends up being FREE for those of you who are coming down to ski with me!