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Take a deep breath, it’s time to get into some new adventures before the year ends.

We’ve reached the point of the year where we look back and say, “Man, I didn’t do any of my New Years’ resolutions.” But, that’s ok. There’s still time to get out into the water and into our Barefoot gear and knock out some adventure.

New Adventures are Out There

First, let’s get you into a wetsuit. If you’re trying to water ski anywhere, it’s most likely going to be cold, so getting a Barefoot International 900 heater shirt won’t be a bad idea either. Don’t let the cold deter you from trying this awesome sport. Or, from finding a new lake or trying out a new trick! Secondly, we highly recommend trying out our tower booms. They really are the best way to learn without falling. Ease into the new feeling of this water sport with the support granted from a boom tower.

Don’t say goodbye to 2018 until you’ve tried something new. Whether that’s trying out some water skiing, wakeboarding, or just trying out a new trick (like going backwards), end the year with a new adventure to check off. Get in touch with us today to start.


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