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    Create a better surf wake behind your current boat. The DELTA Universal Wakesurf Device is an aftermarket product delivering modern wakesurf technology to older model boats.

    MISSION Boat Gear’s Delta is the latest and greatest aftermarket wakesurf device to hit the market. Easily removable, it easily attaches to nearly any inboard boat to instantly create a bigger, better surf wake.

    Note: This surf device previously included an attachable leash. We recommend not using it as it causes the device to bounce back and hit the boat in the case of it falling off. The device floats so no worries.

    MISSION Delta Dimensions
    MISSION Delta Dimensions
    -Height: 9.8”
    -Suction Cup Mounting Surface: 13” x 5”
    -Suction Cup Diameter: 4.5”
    -Surf Panel: 6.8” x 9.8”