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Miracle Mike Mountford Barefooting After a Double Laminectomy

I included a lot of unedited conversations with Mike as I felt they were critical to helping him ski safely so Mike could get his miracle.

Here is what happened…

Here’s the story behind this video…

yesterday I had the privilege of teaching a disabled veteran, Michael Mountford, and here is what he said after the lesson…

“Thank You Sir………………….mm
My lesson with You this morning was beyond belief. I accomplished every goal that I had set for myself as well as the ones we agreed upon together. I am still scratching my head over Barefooting at so slow a speed and feeling comfortable in a taller stance that did not require near as much energy as my old “crash and burn” stance.

Perhaps it was the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day Florida day without a breath of wind. Perhaps it was the two sheets of glass on the Lakes we drove across to get to the “really good water”!……… I would have been happy to start at the boat ramp…… It could have been my new Iron Shorts and Iron suit, a size smaller than the 4 other BI suits I have owned over the last 25 years ….. Lane had to talk me into it and I now absolutely Love the way the suit feels and improves my posture and glide.

What a difference.

Lane’s Barefoot boat and all his equipment is Top Notch.
These are all important details…….. But as we both know the Real reason for my successes today is that I am Training with probably The Best Barefoot Teacher in the World. Enough Said!

I feel absolutely Safe with You…….. Let me put that into perspective for anyone reading this.

I am a 65-year-old disabled Veteran and have a Multitude of Orthopedic injuries ranging from bulging and herniated discs in all three spinal regions to a shoulder that has been out of the socket 6 times, as well as being blessed with all three types of Arthritis. Lane lives and breathes Safety, and allows me to just have fun while getting that little taste of adrenalin some people need for long term, good mental health.
I can hardly wait to get out and practice what I have learned, make a list of what I haven’t and get down for another lesson……….

So….. Many Thanks, Lane! and I will see you soon………””

Thanks, Michael Mountford


If you need a miracle, contact me.


“Expect a Miracle!”
Lane “Dawg” Bowers

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  1. Pete Blackeby November 18, 2019 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    Again, always inspirational and positive.
    Thanks Lane and congrats on your well deserved recognition and entry into the Hall of Fame.

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