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"Barefoot International Tower Boom For MasterCraft’s ZFT4 Wakeboard Tower.

We Have A Tower Boom To Fit The Tubing Of EVERY Wakeboard Tower, and We Have A Boom To Fit Any Boat."


Free No Fall Water Skiing Video lessons. TEXT your email to 863-594-1960.

"Anyone from 4 years old to 400lbs can learn to waterski, wakeboard, and barefoot waterski WITHOUT falling and at ridiculously slow speeds.

You will laugh to yourself when you see how easy it is…"


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Tower Boom Installation Videos

Watch This Tower Boom Installation Video

Barefoot International Tower Boom Installation Video 2

Barefoot International Tower Boom Installation Video 3

Barefoot International Tower Boom Installation Video 4


The Ultimate Set-Up

Tower Boom Insider Information

The Truth About Barefoot Boom Instruction

Insider Secrets to Choosing the Best Boom for Your Boat

Universal Tower

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The Tower Boom is the fast, easy, fun, and exciting way to learn to water ski, wakeboard,

slalom ski, kneeboard, or barefoot. This proven progressive training method opens the sport

to all abilities with comfort and safety. With the Tower Boom, you can learn at slower speeds

and expect quick results.

• Designed to fit Every Tower and Every Cage

• Dual Cables for backup safety

• Strong cable clamp and aircraft quality release pin

• Height adjusts to all people

• Made from Aircraft Aluminum

• Universal Mounting

• Telescopic, folds up, and is fully adjustable

• Goes On and Off Quickly

Note: Do not use boom accessories except for Easy Footer

(Please measure circumference of tower tubing and put dimension on order. It will be in the

ranges noted below…after you click "add to cart," you will be given one of the ooptions above

for your order.

You can always call us and we will help you!

877 685-6270, ext. 8)

Tower Boom

Regular Price $949.99 Today $699.99

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The Footer’s Edge Training Center with Lane "Dawg" Bowers

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The Tower Boom Buying Guide

Thanks for your information regarding your boat. Here are some facts about barefoot booms that will be helpful in making your decision.

#1 We guarantee that you will get the best Tower boom in the world at the best price, guaranteed to fit your boat and tower or your money back! See our guarantee at

#2 We don’t release an order until a search for the best shipping price is found. That can make a difference of sometimes $100.00 to $200.00 on overseas orders. Shipping is free to US addresses and there is a $25 discount on orders shipped out of the country.

#3 10% of all orders are good towards any lesson at The Footer’s Edge Training Center here in sunny Winter Haven, Florida.

#4 Lane will include his world famous No Fall DVD worth $40.00. It is guaranteed to teach you to barefoot water ski without falling. Lane is the #1 trainer for skill and safety in Barefoot Skiing around the world.

#5 In addition, we will give you access to free video lessons that are guaranteed to get you water skiing without falling in one hour, guaranteed;

Learn to get up on two skis without falling in one hour with our free videos at

Learn to get up on a wakeboard without falling in one hour with our free videos at

Learn to get up on a slalom ski in one hour without falling with our free videos at

Learn to barefoot water ski in one hour without falling with our free videos at

We look forward to helping you achieve your water skiing dreams. You can always email Lane with any question at to get the advice you need to reach your barefoot goals, customer or not.

Watch for World Champion Mike Seipel’s call or let us know at if he isn’t getting through to you to make sure we get the right boom for your specific boat.

#5 We have a toll free 24-hour equipment hotline in case you need questions or installation help at any time. That number is 877-221-2849

You can place your order over the Internet on the following link: 

… Or call me to speak to a real person toll free at 1-877-685-6270, x-8

Now enjoy our Complete Water Ski Boom Buyers Guide below to get all the facts you need to become an expert on buying the world’s best water ski boom


Tower Booms: The Ultimate Solution for Your Boat

One of the biggest revolutions in water skiing came when Correct Craft developed and patented the tower. A tower mounts onto the deck of a boat like a cage that allows the rope to be raised from 3-4 feet off of the water to 7 feet of the water. This upward pull makes a dramatic difference in how wakeboarders, kneeboarders, combo skiers, and barefooters feel when they are on the water.

This upward pull makes skiers feel lighter while having the added bonus of keeping the rope out of the way. The tower also can be accessorized to add racks, speakers, and lights that are the ultimate "pimping" accessories for your ride. All towers are designed to fold down so that a boat can pass under bridges or on highways if you so desire.

If you have one of these towers, you have a brand new option for adding a barefoot boom to your boat. Before the tower, the boom could only be attached to the ski pylon or onto the opposite gunnel. A tower boom is the biggest break-through in boom technology by allowing it to be attached to the tower directly.

The benefits of having a tower boom, I will list here;

1. it keeps the boom out of the boat thus freeing up space inside the boat

2. it folds up easily for storage

3. the telescoping extensions that secure it to the tower allow for raising and lowering it

4. it definitely looks cool

5. it puts the skier in a very safe position near the driver and has all the great benefits of dramatically speeding up the learning of any water sport

6. it reduces injuries by adding an upward pull and a stable handle for the skier to hold on to

Tower Booms are designed to fit all types of towers on the market. There are even some suppliers who have gone so far as to guarantee that their tower boom will fit your boat or they will give you your money back. I recommend using one of these suppliers.

The tubing that tower manufacturers use come in different "outer diameters." Knowing what this measurement is or knowing what year and tower manufacturer you have will be the only information you will need to get the right tower boom.

Setting up the tower boom for the first time is takes about an hour. You will need to mount the boom clamp on the rear leg of the tower as low as possible. In addition, there are two tower boom clamps that are mounted in a triangulated fashion to add an incredible amount of stability to the boom that is unparalleled in other types of booms.

After determining the locations of these clamps that best suit your tower, you simply attach the first boom are to the clamp via a heavy-duty quick release pin. The second solid aluminum piece inside the first piece, and then just adjust the length of the boom cables so that your boom sits securely where you like it.

Your tower boom will definitely be one of the most used pieces of equipment on your boat and it is designed to last forever. It is a big bonus having your ride rigged with the coolest equipment available that also helps you ski or teach like a pro.

Never Purchase a Boom without Getting All the Facts about Barefoot Booms at World Barefoot Champion, Lane Dawg Bowers is passionate about helping you Be the Best Barefooter On Your Lake. Get your Free copy of his 200 page Barefoot Water Ski Tips E-book.


installation instructions

"right click" on above link and save instructions to your desk top where

you can print them out

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