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If you are a master at water skiing or simply looking for a new challenge to tackle this summer season, slalom skiing could be the perfect outlet for you. The feeling of getting up on the water for the first time while slalom skiing is indescribable – you must experience it for yourself!

Slalom skiing

What is Slalom Skiing?

Slalom in the water is akin to normal water skiing, but with only one ski. This provides an added challenge. Both feet go on the same ski, both facing forward one in front of the other. Slalom skis are generally a bit larger to accommodate both feet.

Level Up!

Traditional water skiing provides more stability than slalom because of the distributed weight onto both skis. As such, slalom is the natural level up in the water skiing world. You must maintain control of your balance and center of gravity to effectively slalom ski. Slalom ski, in terms of difficulty, can be compared to a sport like wakeboarding that requires control over one board. However, leveling up doesn’t have to mean compromising safety. With booms and other slalom skiing accessories, you can learn to slalom ski safely this summer.

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