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Have you ever been out on the lake and watched people show off their awesome barefoot water skiing techniques? They make it look so easy. If you have ever wanted to learn how to barefoot water ski at slow speeds and without falling, then a Barefoot Boom is what you need. It is an unfair advantage to those who know about it.

The Barefoot Boom is an aircraft aluminum pole that extends out to the side of the boat and offers stability and safety to anyone who wants to get up. The Footers Edge creates custom Booms for your specific boat. All we need is some information about your boat like:

  • Boat Manufacturer
  • Boat Model
  • Boat Year

By filling out this form you will get our Barefoot Water Ski Boom Buyer’s Guide, An Ultimate Set-up Coupon code, and details about which Boom will fit your specific boat. This is the best way to learn how to barefoot water ski and requires the least amount of skill.

The Boom allows you to get the feel of gliding on the water while being totally secure. Once you feel comfortable enough using the Boom, you can add a 5 foot rope to the end of it before going behind the boat. You can always improve your skills and techniques or help your kids to learn safely while getting great photos. Practice with the Boom makes perfect! We guarantee that this is the world’s best barefoot water skiing Boom and the best price. We also guarantee that your Boom fits your boat or we will buy it back!


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