“We know how rough the road will be, how heavy here the load will be, we know about the barricades that wait along the track, but we have set our soul ahead on a certain goal ahead and nothing left from hell to sky shall ever turn us back.”


“Winning is not the only thing-but making the effort to win is.”


Vince Lombardi


If you get motivated from reading the great quotes from some of the greatest people who have lived, then these quotes from Theodore Roosevelt should get you pumped! I get fired-up just being able to repeat them in my little newsletter. They inspire my to want to be a better person! My job today is to try and make you a happier healthier person by helping you become better at your hobby.barefoot water skiing! I would think that Vince Lombardi would HAVE to love the character building aspect of a sport that punishes half efforts but rewards the person who sticks it through with such ecstasy!

By the way, please take the time to respond to my request for feedback at the end of this article as it will be critical for me to get your personal input.

“Hi Lane

Could you please run thru knee skiing. Tried a few on long line but crashed badly.


Mandy Wood.”

I am writing this newsletter about knee skiing because it is really fun and is something that can be done on the boom or long-line even when the water gets lousy. I don’t know whether you will appreciate this, but I know Mandy will. I was taught to knee-ski in 1986 by kicking off a ski long-line! This is NOT the way to learn! It is one thing to fall hard, but it is totally another humiliation to be pummeled on the way down by a ski! I will also try to get pictures of how to knee ski up on my site this week, if you are interested.

I think that if you can already do a front deep water start (I have a FREE streaming video lesson available of this start at https://www.thefootersedge.com/videos/index.html , then click on “sample clips”), then you can work on learning to knee ski! By the way, knee skiing should be learned on the boom, but it can also be learned in the way I will describe, on the long line also! I have students who have been able to take knee skiing to a whole new level by doing knee ski wake crosses on two or one knee, knee ski wake jumping, and even knee ski tumble turns! It is a ton of fun and will freak your neighbors and ski buddies out! The best part is that it is not hard to learn.

After experimenting with an array of learning techniques, I feel the safest way is to learn from a deep water start! If you have a dry suit, it is even easier, but works just as well in a good wetsuit!

Keep the boom at a medium height as I show in the video, and use a five foot rope or a five foot rope with a two-foot extension (my weapon of choice!).

Here is the most critical rule (“Danger Will Robinson.DANGER!)- KEEP THE HANDLE TOUCHING YOUR HIPS and YOUR KNUCKLES AGAINST YOUR LEGS!

(I am not sure you noticed, but I put the preceding sentence in CAPS so you would get the sense that it is important!)

Next, float your whole body up to the surface of the water lie you are just relaxing in a pool. With the handle position secured, let your feet and shin bones dangle towards the bottom of the lake. It is not critical that you pull them back because the water will do that automatically! You must maintain your whole body (especially your hips) at the top of the water, and you must keep your body in a parallel line with the boat. If you find yourself either getting pulled under or spinning off to the sides then review this paragraph more carefully!

When you feel set in your floating position, have the boat driver accelerate SLOWLY to about 12-15 mph until you gain control. Most people will only be able to go a short distance the first day they spend doing this, but you will improve with practice.

After you are on top of the water, keep your chin on your chest and maintain the critical handle position. As you get more stable, the low 20’s will be a better speed for most people!

For a low percentage of people, it is easier to begin the front deep as you normally would and then fold your feet back at the slowest possible planning speed. This can also cause harder wrecks too, but it is a fairly slow speed so it is not very dangerous.

You will find it helpful to keep your knees 3-5 inches out of the water after you are planed off. If this seems difficult, try pushing your ankles deeper into the water!

Believe it or not, that is all there is!

Please do me a major favor and give me some feedback on a project I am about to roll out! I know that for many people on this newsletter, getting down here to paradise may be too expensive or too difficult to organize because of other priorities. Believe me, nothing replaces getting down here for a private lesson with me, but I think I have found a way to help thousands of you reading this without ever having to leave your home.

I am going to launch the first ever Digital Ski School. I believe that with your input I can do a really great job. I want to bring the ski school to you in the form of 30-60 minute lessons on only the tricks that you want the most!

How would this be different from the 2-Hour instructional video? My video is the best instructional video out there and has helped thousands of you take your skiing to the next level. The Digital Ski School would not only show you how to do it perfectly, but would also include information too extensive to put into my two hour video. For example, it would include footage of real people making all the mistakes you would make on your own and how to correct them.

What I need from you is the answers to the following information.

#1 What is the best format for this instruction? Streaming Video over the Internet, CD-Rom, Video, or a combination of these?

#2 Please let me know if you had to pick just one lesson that would help you the most, what would it be?

  1. a)Learning to barefoot
  2. b)Front Deep Water Start on Boom and Long Line
  3. c)Tumble Turns
  4. d)One-foots and Toe Holds
  5. e)Backwards Barefooting on the Boom and Long Line
  6. f)      Surface Turns

#3 Please send any comments

My goal is to get The Digital Ski School up and running this month, but I will need your support as it could be quite expensive and I want to make sure that it will help you open a can of..

Of course, I will add my personal money back guarantee to The Digital Ski School!