How To Get Into The PowerBand Position Video

Here is a quick video of how to get into the PowerBand position. For more information, check out my full-blown blog post, PowerBand Releases Your Barefooting Awesomeness



PowerBand DEFINITION:  “The POWER BAND is the position that is achieved that puts the pull of the boat into your hips and allows you to ski with way more power than you would in any other position. It is easiest understood in the back position. The best way to get you into this position is for you to get out of your chair.” – Lanemus Maximus Dawgamus Bowersamus

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  1. Now, stand at attention in perfect posture (shoulder roll and MEATHOOK!).
  2. Spread your feet to about shoulder’s width.
  3. Now bend over into a backward barefooting position without changing your posture or the position of the arms at your side.
  4. Now, take a barefoot handle of something of similar dimensions and put the rubber handle under where your belt buckle would be (yes, I know some of you are reading this in your underwear!).
  5. Pretend (not that hard) that you have an enormous gut and put it onto your thighs while arching your back (shoulder roll and MEATHOOK!) as described previously.
  6. If you can keep the handle squeezed into place while keeping your head up and your chest out, then you have achieved the POWER BAND!

If you are trying to perfect your backward barefooting form and feel like you are fighting the pull of the boat so you do not catch a heel, the PowerBand will put the pull of the boat into your hips where you have the most leverage, power, and the least amount of effort!

This information is so dead nuts on that some people have told me that I shouldn’t make it available where my competitors could find out about my techniques. To that I respond, I only hope that I am able to help you achieve your personal miracle!

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