subject: Great 6 Pack and 3-Point Exercise

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
making the complicated simple, awesomely simple,
that’s creative.”

– Charles Mingus

“Correct muscle memory is the easiest thing to practice,
and is the foundation of all great skiers!”

-Laneimus Maximus circa 2003

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I have witnessed the power of dry land practice so many times now that I more passionate than ever to help you experience your own special miracle! If you have ever wanted to;

1. learn to barefoot water ski
2. improve on bad form
3. revamp your glide for better one foots
4. just learn a new abs workout to improve your
six pack (don’t worry if yours is a one pack),

then this article is for you!

The following exercise will turn you into a barefooting machine by tapping into the power of proper dry-landpractice. First, I am going to show you how to properly practice the foot position for the Ultra Mega Glide (

Next I will show you how to practice the butt glide and 3-point position without a rope, and finally the butt glide and 3-point position WITH a rope.

The bonus is that I am going to show you how to set-up a great dry land practice apparatus (pictures and video are on my Virtual Ski School at realistically prepare you for the water! And the best part is, if you follow my advice, you will learn all this without ever getting hurt! What a huge benefit!

——————Point and Flex!!!!!—————————

I want you to practice the following exercise where ever you are right now! Point your tows and hold for several seconds. Next, flex your ankles WITHOUT lifting your toes. I have the pictures you can see to make sure you are doing it right near the bottom of my Positions’ page

It is critical that you perfect this flexed position becausethe following exercises will build on this foundation. Make sure to practice this exercise frequently so thatyour muscle memory will be there perfectly when youget on the water.

“point..hold…flex..hold.. point..hold…flex..hold. point..hold…flex..hold.”

If this bores you.get over it! It has been approved by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Butt Glide 3-Point NO ROPE

Sit on the floor with your feet out in front of you. Placeyour hands about one foot behind you and wider than shoulder width apart. Lean back with your upper bodyabout 45 degrees from vertical.

Keeping your legs completely straight with your kneestogether and toes pointed, raise your legs until your knees are the same height as your shoulders. Let’s call this the “V Sit Position” because your body resembles the letter “V.”

Now add your point and flex exercise while holding your”V” position! Can you feel your ‘flab-dominals’ working?We are just getting started. Once you have the perfect flex,bring your heels wide and back to your butt at about the same width or just wider than your buttWITHOUT SEPERATING YOUR KNEES .

The key here is to keep your knees quiet (no movement).

If you have down this properly;

1. your knees are about shoulder height,
2. your knees are together
3. your ankles are flexed
4. your ankles are as close to your butt as possible
5. your heel is the only part of your foot on the water
6. your toes are not lifted, but the ball of your foot
is off of the surface you are on

Practice this over and over again until it is perfect, smooth,and effortless! This will be a great abs workout as well as turn you into a three-point machine!

Now let’s add another challenging element.

—–Butt Glide 3-Point Position WITH the Rope————–

I have found a great way to simulate the realistic pull of the boat that works much more dynamically than a handle on a door knob!

To make your own, all you need is;

1. a wakes handle 
(which is easier to use than a trick handle because it
does not get in the way of your knees as easily)

2. a pulley

3. a bucket

4. about 10 feet of rope

Fill your bucket with enough water to give you a little resistance. I filled it all the way up with water for
me, but only about a third of the way full for my wife Cindy who is 98 pounds (and featured on this video).

Connect them all together and scoot back on the floorso that you are keeping the bucket about half way off the floor the entire time.

Adjust the height of the pully and the rope so you can easily get into the “V Sit Position” and keep your
feet on the rope and your knees the same height as your shoulders.Pull the wakes handle into your hip so that the rubber of the handle is touching your hip bone while keeping your knuckles on your legs!

Your feet should be pointed with your toes overlappedon the rope. Your knees should be straight WITHOUTknee bend. Your knees are squeezed together.

Next take your feet off the rope without lowering your knees or feet.

“Point.hold.FLEX.hold.Heels to your butt!”

This needs to be done in the exact same manner as described above!

The only difference is the handle! There are two positions for the handle;

1. IN to your hip
2. OUT on your knee caps

The key here is to accomplish this without ever opening your knees or lowering your knees! The handle goes from the IN position to the OUT position as your knees remain constant!

When do you move the handle from IN to OUT?

As soon as your heels make it to your butt, move the handle to your knee caps.

For women and children, I find it helpful to keep the handle to the IN position until the feet are settled on thewater.

For big dudes, I find the handle should come out sooneras long as the “V Sit Position” can be maintained!

The final stage is to prepare your 3-point position for final check mode before standing!

After your handle is on your knees and you feel relaxed and stable.

1. Shoulder Roll-roll your shoulders to the back so that they are behind your chest with your shoulder blades pinched together.

2. Meat Hook! Lift your rib cage in an upward motionso you look all “Bowed-up!”

With this mastered, you may take to the water with moreconfidence and preparation than I ever had when I was learning. While others rip their heads off, you will footwith the quiet confidence of a Jedi Warrior (Star Wars reference)!

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