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Wanna impress your crush or a scout this spring? You’re going to have to pull off something massive. And the only way to develop massive wake is if you have a custom Fat Sac installed on your boat. To do this we need some specific information about your boat:

Boat Manufacturer
Boat Model
Boat Year

Once we have this information we can then respond back with a FREE report about your custom Fat Sac. It’s important to know the filling and emptying options to be able to make an informed decision about an automatic ballast system. Not only do we guarantee that it will fit your boat, but we also guarantee that You Will Wakesurf On Your Very First Try or we will buy the Fat Sac back.

The only way to become a wakesurfing influencer is by mastering the sport. Make sure to set up your Fat Sac before spring break because remember, “The bigger the wake, the bigger the fun!”

Pro Tip: As you add more Fat Sacs, keep the weight distributed 60%-70% in the rear of the boat and 30%-40% in the front of your boat. Some people even get Fat Sacs big enough to push up the seat cushions when no one is sitting in them to make wake even more massive. Send us a video of you creating massive wake with your Fat Sac and we might feature it on our website!


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