“I want things to be difficult. It is more fun to win with handicaps. If you have the best players and no problems and you win, it’s not very intriguing.”

Joe Paterno

College Football Coach and Athletic Director

Watching this video you will notice the use of the Head Zone Helmet system.

Here we go. I have been flooded with requests for surface turns articles. I have decided to answer the call and purposely placed this one after my Ultra Mega Glide article from #14. You are about to enter the world that separates great barefooters from good barefooters. It is by far the greatest challenge in barefooting that you will have to conquer and I am 100% certain that I can help you to achieve your own personal greatness along with some miracles!

There are three principles that are critical to your success in the surface turn world.

They are

#1 Posture and Glide , and the POWER BAND-I have covered this extensively

#2 Rhythm


Although I am quite certain that you will gloss over #1, it is quintessential! I will not say any more except that you should use video analysis ad nauseum to see that you maintain position throughout the entire set-up!!!!!!! (see the front to back on our 2 hour instructional video)

Rhythm is the next critical element to a great set-up. By the way, any great trick requires a separate practice-fest of the correct set-up before unleashing the hounds!! Keep the Big Dawgs on the porch with some MAJOR dry land practice until you have mastered this set-up.

Rhythm is critical to building the momentum needed to create the right amount of energy to have a great surface turn. [I will be focusing this article on the front-to-back 180 turn as that is where the most requests have been. The back to front is identical except there is no Rhythm for the set-up.]

The FIRST key to a great Rhythm is to create a smooth and continuous movement that is in no way “jerky”! It should never hesitate at either the bottom or the top of the down and up motion. It should be at a speed that is energetic, but not spastic. If it is too slow, it is useless for creating the right energy. It should be explosive to the point that does not deteriorate your Posture and Glide and POWER BAND.

The SECOND key to a great Rhythm is to limit it’s lower and upper limits. While dry land practicing, have someone watch the bottom edge of your butt while you set your limits! The key to making this turn great is to get a great Rhythm without deteriorating your position WITHIN your correct limits. The limits are from the top of your calf (UPPER LIMIT) to the bottom of your calf (BOTTOM LIMIT). This will take tremendous practice and video analysis to perfect. Once you have perfected this on dry land you will be ready add the final element….

The THIRD and ultra critical element is the beauty of a QUIET UPPER BODY! What does this mean? It means simply that your upper body remains free from any forward or backwards motion, and it also means that once you have locked in your Posture and Glide and POWER BAND, that your upper body is removed from creating any initial motion towards the back. The greatest help to you will be the understanding that in ALL turns, “the upper body never turns before your lower body!” This is simply the biggest problem (after position) that I see in beginners and ‘experts’ in their turns. It is just natural to try to move your upper body first to the back position. It is also easier to think that if you could just get around backwards quickly that you could correct the “other” problems later. WRONG! Moving your upper body first equals massive pain. You can believe me now or call me with your own personal story of injury later.

I could go on forever here, but I gotta get ready to get a set in before a catch a plane to my next traveling clinic-traveling from one small town to the next to solve the worlds problems with some motivation and Posture, Glide, and THE POWER BAND!

Start in the position that I have worked so hard to get you to understand. The only difference is that in the “SURFACE TURN MODE” you need to keep your elbows closer to your body AT ALL TIMES! Without going above or below the LIMITS I prescribed, create a smooth and powerful RHYTHM, and then when your release your hand from the handle make sure your hips are the FIRST thing to move and that they lead the turn.

Tips: #1 keep your eyes forward and up while your hips begin turning.

#2 Use Dawg Paws

#3 Ski about 10% below your one-foot speed.

#4 Use video analysis

#5 buy the best Instructional video in the WORLD

Let me know how you do and do your homework!

Please help me out and forward this to as many footers or even potential footers                 as you can. This will help to make this newsletter a BIG success! We want everyone to have a GREAT chance to achieve their own miracles!

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