subject: Front to Back for Sale…
Winter Haven, Fl Tuesday, October 02, 2007

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that
can be made in a very narrow field.”
— Niels Bohr, Danish Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent
one.” – Albert Einstein

“Lane, I’m 50 years old and last year I learned how to doback to fronts thanks to you and your instructional video.This year I’ve been solid (on shoe skis only) doing front to
backs. However, when I’m on my bare feet, grabbing the handle after I’ve turned around is very difficult. I feel like it is very hard to keep the handle from being pulled away from my hip prior to grabbing it with my other hand.Any ideas, words of wisdom, etc? Please help.
Thank you, Joe.”

Test, I love helping people through this challenge.This gets me pumped!

Now I am going to give you the short answer, then I am goingto tell you how to do it step by step.

I want to smash down the lies of barefooting that have existed for far too long.

If you really want to learn the front to back and live long enough to enjoy it, then listen to the truth that flies inthe face of every hard core barefooter who you willever talk to…

“Turns are not hard…positions are hard.”

Let me break down the logic that has led to a revolution in barefooting that can make your dream a reality while protecting you from injury.

Think about how fast the actual turn is…maybe a front toback or back to front takes 1 second.

How much are you able to change during the turn or that onesecond?

Nothing. It happens too fast.

So what can you control? The reality is that there is onlyone thing that you can control and that should bring you atremendous peace. The only thing that you can control is the
front position.

I can correct almost every problem that occurs during a turnby simply watching you set-up your turn.

It is crazy to think, but it is true. Once you understandthat the position is key to yoursuccess, then you are free to correct any flaws under the comforting safety of not
worrying about the actual turn.

Most people will burn 100 calories by me just mentioningthe word “turns.”

I can watch someone ski confidently on the water all theway up to me mentioning that it is time to work on some turns. The very mention actually changes the way they ski.

Here is the answer to solving your problem of getting the handle on your front to back…

If you were down here with me right now, I would want to see your front and back one-foots. I actually prefer to see all four toe-holds as well since it gives me an opportunity
to correct the positions that cause common “turn problems.”

I could give you hundreds of testimonials of people who can’t sleep at night when they get the revelation that I am about to give to you for free.

There are two things necessary for you to have a great
front to back;

#1 a Great front position (I am assuming back position too)
#2 a good rhythm

90 % of all problems for front to backs are solved when wecorrect Posture, Glide, and the Power Band.


Doesn’t it make sense that if you start from a lighter,more powerful, and efficient front position that you will have more energy and free resources to make an effortless

How do you get an awesome Power Band? I will put the videoup at
under “Front to Back for Sale”

If you have the fierceness that I know you already possess,then I challenge you to show me an awesome position with a good rhythm. I remind skiers right before there first turn
this motivation,

“I do not care if you miss the turn, but I have no tolerance for you not holding your position.”

Keep an eye out for a new series of High Definition DVDs
that will include the complete guide to making your first
front to back…

You prove to me that you own the position that I am talking about, and then I will easily solve any other problems you might have…that is the easiest part.


Stop the madness and show me great front and back one-foots and I can guarantee a front to back….

I am expecting your miracle…