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Free Virtual Ski School Lessons on How to Do World Class Tumble Turns in 20 Minutes

During the Corona Virus isolation, I am giving back with free video analysis of your barefoot skiing! This post is the step-by-step guide to learning world class tumble turns.

Simply email me at with the subject line, Free Barefoot Skiing Virtual Ski School, and include your very specific goal and a link to your high quality video. You can link me to almost any platform as long as I do not have to download it. YourTube, Vimeo, Facebook, whatever you got 🙂

Below is my cheat sheet from the video including the original request from Gage and the notes summarized for what he needs to do to improve his tumble turns safely and slowly.

Hi Lane!

I was watching your video yesterday and today. Thanks so much for sharing!

Here is a quick video from Saturday morning 3/21 on Lake John in Lakeland with Steve Schmaedeke! (Awesome guy. We are both on Lakeland Water Ski Club.)

Any tips for my tumble turn? I have not done this long line, short rope only.

I can deep up long line, step off, cross wake, and do an ugly tumble turn on the boom.. Id like to clean this up and get some more confidence. Thanks for your quarantined time!



Tips for World Class Tumble Turns in 20 minutes!

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  1. Slow down! 28-30mph
  2. Make your tumble turns 60% easier immediately by using the World’s Best Barefoot Suit and IronMan Shorts.
  3. Learn body and handle position with my No Fall Tumble Turn Technique!
  4. 28-30mph
  5. Boom at least head height

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