Free Virtual Ski School 4 Backward Barefoot PowerBand – Greg

In this 4th installment of my Free Virtual Ski School analysis, I give “Greg” some free video advice on how to improve his backward barefooting by utilizing the PowerBand as well as good Posture and Glide.

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Greg emailed me the following:

“Good Afternoon Kind Sir

I still find myself struggling to get into the power band / glide – perhaps out of fear of the crash (again……) and skiing defensively (surviving) while looking like a hunchback.

I am not sure if my planned rotator surgery is postponed or not but my goal is to be behind  the boat long line bacerds if I am skiing this summer.

Without sucking up too much I will say your tips are VERY beneficial and APPRECIATED.

The attached video is free to use as you like.  If there need to upload to a Vimeo or YouTube let me know

I am 6’-1 260

Speed in the video was 38


Tips for Getting into the PowerBand!


  1. Slow down! 34 mph.
  2. Improve your power band.
  3. Move around

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