subject: Barefoot Flyers from Boat Houses

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way
to succeed is to always try just one more time.”

Thomas Edison
American Inventor

On a personal note, the greatest successes I have ever experienced or witnessed have been people who never looked at an unsuccessful attempt as a defeat. They simply knew that was not the way to do it next time. —Lanemus Maximus circa today

Hi Lane,

Thank you so much for the E-book and the instructional video, they have been very helpful. I have been doing flying dock starts for several years and I love starting like that, now I want to crank it up a little. I want to do a flying roof start off my boat house so bad it hurts but I would rather not hurt myself doing it. Right now the roof is about 7 feet above the water and the water is about 7 feet deep. Is that do-able?

Thank you, Lyle Garver

They laughed until you put on your barefoot suit…

Everybody starts gathering around to see why you are putting the ladder next to the boat house. You climb up the roof inyour way hot new wetsuit with rope in hand. The boat driverslowly takes out the slack until you yell, “Hit it!” and you gosailing of the roof and end up barefooting away while all your
buddies are freaking out!

Imagine what your friends would think of you doing that?!

A barefoot run back up to your adoring fans and some major high fives make you the official start of the party!

What would you think if I could tell you how to do it like a Pro?

Stay tuned and I am going to show you a secret that not manytop skiers even know about to make the landing smooth! It is so “JV” to do this start only to land wrong and…

take the entire hit right on your back with a smack that is heardall around the lake!

What does this mean for you?

I am going to give you what you expect from me…

ALL the steps to do this without even having me there to help!

That is, unless you are smart enough to print this article off, laminate it, and keep it in your boat like the “Cliff Notes” from your college days!

You think I am lying, don’t you.

Fasten your seatbelt and I am going to turn you into a one-man (woman or child) freak show!

I am getting ready for the last call hear in paradise…

so I am going to link you to your homework;

* Long Line Front Deep article;
* World Class Butt Glide 
* 3-Point 6-Pack Abs

And check this out…

If you feel like you might want to skip your homework and jump right to the good, stuff…then I have a short cutthat will save you time and a lot of boat gas.

I want you to suit-up and then run as hard as you can into theside of your home as least three times.

This will give you an idea of how it feels not to do your homework! It gets better! You just saved a bunch of gasand no water in your nose!

Here we go;

There are a couple of myths I want to clear up about theFlying Front Deep Water Start…From a Boat House or other equally cool platforms;

*You do NOT want to land on your back!
* You do NOT need to get your feet on the rope before hitting
the water!
*You DO want to land feet first at about a 45 degree angle.

Listen here, have you ever dove into the shallow end of thepool? You shouldn’t have, but you did, so did I (broke my neck once, but…I digress).

If you did it successfully, you dove feet or hands first in a kind of swooping motion that sent you into a rapid directional change from downward to forward.

This is the secret to the flying front deep. You may even wantto try it holding a handle as you practice jumping off of your dock or into a pool…but not the bath tub!

Step #1 Make sure you have about 10-15 feet of rope withyou while the boat is at a standstill.

Step #2 Use the words, “In gear…” to designate to your driverthat the boat should proceed at an idle….

Step #3 Drop any coils you are holding onto the dock so thatyou only have the barefoot handle in your hands.

Step #4 With about 5-7 feet of rope still left on the dock, yell“Hit It!” to designate to the driver that he is to accelerate at aslow to medium acceleration.

The way to perform this start is with a one, two, or three step brisk walk off the surface of the boat house or platform.

Optional things to yell;

“Drive it like you stole it!”
“Hammer Time!”
“Bend it!”

Step # 5 Your arms should be completely relaxed all the wayup until right before your feet pierce the water. At this point the handle should come into your hips as you know from the “Butt Glide” position.

Note to Self: Always follow the pull of the boat! Never jump
ahead with a loose rope!

Step #6 Once you are knee deep into the water, sweep the handleinto your hips as you roll your upper body into the “Arch Back”position that you know from your homework on the Front DeepWater Start.

Note to Self: The correct position for your feet and legs once you are “air borne,” is a relaxed straight position with yourtoes pointed like a ballerina! Upon “Swooping,” your feet will end up pointed at the boat as they break the surface of the water.

Then, and only then, should you put one or both of your feet on the rope and proceed as you would with any front deep water start.

I prefer to keep the acceleration “medium” until I “cheek-out”to the sweet water outside the wake!

What is “Cheeking Out,” you say? And “How can I achievethis new level of cool,” you ask? Check out my article at

Do you understand what this means? You are a barefootingmachine!

If you are an amateur, do not read these next critical equipmenttips…

They are only for people who are concerned aboutgetting an unfair advantage.

#1 Use the best barefoot shorts and suits in the world at the onlyplace where they are guaranteed to be the best!

#2 Cheap Ropes Break Boat Windshields and your friend’s teeth!Join the Varsity Squad and use a No Stretch Rope and handle which are also guaranteed to be the best.

#3 Never jump from an unsafe area or into an unsafe area. I do not want to get any emails of injuries from stunt junkies who did not do their homework.