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“I have learned that success in life is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed.”


-Booker T. Washington 

Welcome! The following article I am writing out of a feeling of obligation to help as many of my subscribers as possible. This article will most certainly be of benefit to the smallest group of advanced skiers who are subscribing so that they to can reach their goals. This is the first ever published article that I am aware of one of the most difficult tricks in the book.the feet-to-feet toe-front!


Before delving into this article, let me recommend some more appropriate articles for the hundreds of people who have joined since my last article on tumble turns. If this article is not what you were looking for, please check out my previous articles at my Trauma Center If you have never tried barefooting before or you are trying to learn to do a front deepwater start, please feel free to check out my back issues there and let me know if you find something to keep you whistling until next week where I will revisit less high-tech info. Let me also say that if you want to have great front and back toeholds, then you will learn something from this article!!!


Here is the checklist for learning the feet-to-feet toe-front (referred to from here on out as FFTF).


#1 A great front toehold. Every body that is thinking they are ready for this trick believes they have a great front toehold, but I believe that 95% of you who are trying this do not qualify by my standards.


#2 A great back to-hold position!


#3 Thousands of successful FFTF’s completed on Puppy Paws.


#4 A mastery of Tigger-the-Tiger skiing ( NFTE #17)


That is the complete checklist, but here in lies most of the problems.


Here is how we get ready take your skiing to the next level! I will explain the easiest solutions to strengthening any kinks in the armor.


#1 To develop a great front toehold (NFTE#22 Front Toe-holds) you must master the Ultra Mega Glide (NFTE#14). Review this article now, then video your skiing, and then check to see if you qualify. You see, I can afford to be brief here because of my archives! You must also have great Ankles and Angles (NFTE#3). One of the biggest mistakes made when coming to the front is over rotating and leveling off which ruins great ANGLE!

Most people learn a front toehold by slouching over and extending their arms. I believe quite the opposite is necessary for consistency. Keep your back arched, your ribs up, a good forwards crunch in your abdominals, and your forearms level with the bottom of your rib cage. Your hands should be flexed back. This position must be maintained throughout the turn. It starts by having a great back toehold position as explained in depth in NFTE#???-I guess someone might want to suggest this as an article! For now see video!


Another way to strengthen the front toehold that Mike Seiple taught me is front surface hops. Sound tough? Correctamundo! It is tough.but if you are trying this trick. then you should be too! So, save the drama for your mama…and get to work! You should also be able to swing your arms all around in this front toehold and not get out of balance. Pride yourself on getting good at this.


#2 A great back toehold position can be achieved in the exact same way as I described for the front toehold. Use the same wax-on wax-off techniques. By the way, if you are not AWESOME at BOTH back toeholds on BOTH SIDES of the wake (yes, on the long rope!), then correct this first. Check out my tracking article to improve this.


#3 Thousands of FFTF on Puppy Paws before attempting them on your feet. This is what propelled me ahead of my competition that were too hardcore or had too much pride to follow this advice. I have given it away too many times to count only to have people disregard it. It definitely works and is what helped me win a bet I had with Mike Seiple when he was teaching me my first FFTF’s on the boom. He could already do one, but I knew I would be the first in the world to do it on both feet because Mike and others would not take the time to do their homework. Will you?


#4 A mastery of Tigger-the-Tiger skiing. Do your homework and use your imagination here. That is all I am going to explain on this subject. The info is here for anyone who is serious about it!


“But, Lane Dawg, I already have all this stuff in order!” I doubt it, but just in case you do, I will give you some unbelievable tips-


#1 A very slow turn keeping your shoulders from initiating the turn. Make your hips lead the turn!


#2 Down-weight with your knee in the back toehold position without bending over or moving your arms!


#3 as you come to the front, crunch with your abs and do not reach for the handle. This mistake can lead to bad habits that I can attest to!


#4 Catch yourself with a soft knee keeping your Ultra Mega Glide!


#5 Save yourself serious pain and aggravation and book a lesson with the Master. Call now to open a can of whoop-ass on the rest of the world- 1-877-685-6270 .


My wife, “Big Momma,” has reminded me not to give away too much information here. She thinks keeping you hungry might get you motivated for a trip down here to paradise where it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit (03/01/01). The good news is that ALL the info is in this article if you really want it badly enough!


If you are one of the elite skiers working on this trick, please email me back and let me know, as I will be making my decisions about how many advanced articles like this I should spend my time on. I hope this helps and you send me visual proof of the results!


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