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Center Gravity Games Sac – W842

dimensions: 88 x 19 x 19    weight: 1180 lbs. / 535 kg.

"As Shown, these are safely expanded to about
1500 lbs. / 680 kg. if the space or compartment allows."

Take the Pro X Series Fat Sacs™ and add 38 inches to its length… that’s right, this thing is massive. The Center Gravity Games Sac is only one inch smaller in width and height but at over 3 feet longer, it weighs in at nearly twice the weight of a single Fat Sacs™. Try combining this sac with two Rear Gravity Games Sacs for one monster of a wake.

Fittings for this Sac must be purchased separately. Fittings shown in picture above were only to hold in air to shoot the photo and are not included.

Regular Price $439.99 Today $329.99
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