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The Bigger the Wake the Bigger the Fun

As You Add More Fat Sacs™,
Keep the Weight Distributed 60%
in the Rear of the Boat,
and 40% in the Front of the Boat

For Runabout (I/O’s) with Open Bows,
Add a Fat Sac™ to the Center Locker First, and
Then Distribute Additional Fat Sacs™ Using Rule #2

To Switch to WakeSurfing, Get An Additional Fat Sac™
And Put It On Your Favorite Surf Side


All of our Pro X Series Fat Sacs™ are constructed with a white water rafting material called Valmex. These sacs are unbelievably durable and no longer need the support of an outer shell. Also, our Quick Connect Valve system makes filling and draining an easy task. Furthermore, the placement of our valve holes make it possible to create the perfect automatic integrated ballast system by purchasing the fittings that we make for them separately. All Pro X Series Fat Sac™ are available in assorted colors (Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and Gray) so you can customize the look of your system.

Imagine how tough a white water raft has to be when it is slamming into sharp rocks while being exposed to the water and hot sun. These rafts bounce off these jagged rocks and our Fat Sacs™ are constructed in the same way. If you built a white water river raft out of fiberglass or plastic (like some factory ballast systems), you would easily realize the fiberglass or plastic raft would not last as well as the raft made out of Valmex! Our Fat Sacs™ are more durable than factory fiberglass or plastic ballast tanks! Insider Tip: One of the awesome things about Fat Sacs™ is that It Doesn’t Matter if they are the same size and shape as the compartment or space they are going in because they will conform. If you want to get the *maximum potential weight* out of a space or compartment, it is best to get a Fat Sac™ that is at least as big or bigger than the space or compartment that it is going into, so it can fill up the whole area. Some people even get Fat Sacs™ big enough to push up the seat cushions when no one is sitting in them *to make the wake even bigger*!

Another great feature is the user friendly quick connect cap and chain that allows you to get the Tsunami Pump off and on quickly and easily with the cap hooked to the chain so that it will not go missing.

The Tsunami Pump is *twice as fast* as any other plastic pump that is used for manually filling and emptying Fat Sacs™. You simply put the pump in the water outside the boat, attach the other end to the quick connect on the Fat Sac™, and plug it into a cigarette lighter accessory plug. Your Fat Sacs™ will be filled in minutes and you will be ready to ride! When finished, simply attach the Tsunami Pump to the Fat Sac™ quick connect, put the end of the hose outside the boat, plug it into a cigarette lighter accessory plug, push down on pump into the Fat Sac™ to create a prime, and the Tsunami Pump will empty the Fat Sac™ in minutes.

In addition, you can buy any of our custom fittings for automatic (integrated) ballast systems.

Your Boat

Your Boat + Fat Sacs

Pro X Series Fat Sacs

= Massive Wake
Massive Wake!!!

Twin Socket Splitter – W405

twin socket splitter

Turn a single cigarette lighter accessory plug in your boat into 2 cigarette lighter accessory plugs with the Twin Socket Splitter so you can run 2 Tsunami Pumps at the same time to get on the water even faster.

Regular Price $12.99 Today $9.99
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