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When making the decision to learn barefoot skiing, choosing equipment may be the most daunting task. You have the drive. You have the lake. Most importantly, you have somebody to steer the boat (hopefully!!!). Now all you need is the appropriate equipment for your boat and you’ll be on your way. Let’s help demystify exactly what options you have for barefoot skiing equipment.


The boat should be able to travel about 30-45 mph while the barefoot skis behind it.


A boom is an alternative to a handle or rope, which is generally used in regular water skiing. A boom, rather than trailing behind the boat, sticks out perpendicular to the boat and allows the skier to grab on to the strong pole and ski right next to the boat. The boom is fixed in place, unlike a rope, which makes it much easier to stay on and to recover from falls.

Safety Equipment

In some places, it is required for skiers on the water to wear a life vest, helmet, or both. In other places, it’s up to the discretion of the skier. Either way, it’s always good to err on the side of caution and safety when it comes to barefoot skiing!

At The Footer’s Edge, we know how cool (but sometimes scary) it can be to decide to learn barefoot skiing. That’s why we make it our personal mission to help each and every skier have the most fun and safe experience with the right equipment for barefoot skiing.


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