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Official Barefoot International Drysuit
What makes this the Best Wakesurf Drysuit, Wakeboard Drysuit, and the Best Barefoot Dry Suit?

#1 Material (High Strength Denier- Will Not Pill or Unravel)

#2 Construction

#3 *New Slightly Thinner Seals* (for More Comfort) but Thicker than Everyone Else Uses (for More Durability)

#4 Neoprene Overlays on Wrists, Ankles, and Neck

#5 Synch-locking Straps on Wrists and Ankles

What Are You Looking for In a Wakesurf Drysuit, Wakeboard Drysuit or a Barefoot Dry Suit?

#1 It Needs to Keep Me Warm

#2 I need to Be Able to Perform In It

#3 It Needs to Last Without Falling Apart

#4 I Want Someone That Backs Their Promises

How would you determine which Wakesurf Drysuit, Wakeboard Drysuit and Barefoot Dry Suit is the most durable?

Easy… You beat the “living tar” out of it until you find out what it can handle.

How do you test it? Drag it on the water at 40 + mph!

Barefoot water skiing is the most demanding and abusive to a drysuit and that is why we know what materials hold up and which do not.

Imagine subjecting an ordinary drysuit to 40 mph spray and spinning  around on your back and butt. Can you imagine the kind of friction that would create? We do not have to imagine because we have tested every material available. All you have to do is have someone sit on the water in a drysuit and go 40-50 mph about 10 times and you will have a come-to-Jesus meeting with the truth!

Anyone who has done Dam-to-Dam racing knows this because it is always cold, rough water, and when no one is looking, everyone sits on their butts and has the boat go 50mph!

Most suits we tested would begin to fray and fall apart almost immediately. There is nothing worse than trying to save a little bit of money only to find out that you may have to buy an entire new drysuit when you could have had one that would last.

What activities can you do in a Barefoot International Drysuit?

Wakeboarding, water skiing, barefoot water skiing, wakesurfing, riding water vehicles, and even kayaking! This is by far the best value of any drysuit on the market.

What about the drysuit seals? Our new thinner drysuit seals are slightly THICKER than any other drysuit seals on the planet and therefore keep you dryer! If you want to stay dryer, then you want thicker seals that keep water from coming in your neck, wrists, and ankles.

If you have never worn a drysuit then it is important to understand that if you ski for a short time without falling (10-15 minutes), then you are going to be completely dry. If you ski for a long time or fall, then you are going to get a little wet, but at least you are going to be warm because your body heat is kept in your drysuit.

An extended amount of time in your drysuit will actually keep you so warm that you will sweat!

Our drysuit is also the only drysuit that has the neoprene overlays over the wrists, ankles, and neck seals with the wetsuit synch-locking-straps on  the wrists and ankles
which are the first barrier to blocking water from coming in.

The neoprene overlays and wetsuit synch-locking-straps also prevent the seals from ever seeing the damaging rays of the sun. This dramatically  improves the lifetime of your seals by reduces wear and tear!

IMPORTANT USER TIP: It is very important to put a protectant on the inside and outside of the neck, ankle, and wrist seals before and after every use. This dramatically extends the life of your seals as well as makes them easier to put on and off.

The reason for putting a protectant on before each use is that it makes getting in and out of your drysuit a lot easier. The reason for putting on  rotectant after each use is to preserve it from deterioration. Every time you use your drysuit, you will sweat.

If you just hang it up without protectant on the inside and outside of the seals, then sweat can actually harm the seals and cause some deterioration if left for an extended period of time.

These are the facts for care for any drysuit.

We also have a great “Replace and Return Service” for our drysuits seals. It costs about $35 for a wrist or ankle seal, $45 for a neck seal, and $125 for all the seals. It takes about 2-3 weeks for turn-around time. Although this is a great service, you should be motivated to keep the protectant on before and after each use!

There are only two really good protectants. There is Seal Tech  which is a spray bottle, and there is Seal Saver which looks like an eye-dropper type bottle.

Do not use silicone sprays which are petroleum-based!!! You need to use pure silicone.

In addition, once a month put wax on the zipper. You can use our Zip Tech zipper wax but you could also use a crayon or candle. This will allow the zipper to move more easily back and forth.

How to put on a Wakesurf Drysuit, Wakeboard Drysuit or a Barefoot Dry Suit:

The most difficult part of putting on a
Barefoot International Drysuit is the ankles.

#1 Open the neoprene overlays and wetsuit synch-locking-straps

#2 push your foot up to but not through to the ankle seal as if you are putting on a pair of pants

#3 Using your three middle fingers without your nails, reach deep into the seal and open the ankle seal and then gently push your foot through the opening.

#4 using the same method, adjust the seal upward above your ankle so that there is no gap created for the water to come through.

#5 close the neoprene overlay cuffs and wetsuit synch-locking-straps so that the water hits them at least an inch before hitting the seals.

#6 repeat steps #1-5 for the other ankle and wrists.

For the neck seal, get 4 fingers of each hand deep into the neck seal and gently spread the neck seal as you begin to pull the seal over your head. It elps to look-up as you are almost through.

NEVER pull the seals of your drysuit forcefully over your wrists, ankles, or head.

When taking off the drysuit- Please be Patient :~>);

1. First have someone unzip your drysuit zipper smoothly without yanking on the zipper. Yanking on the zipper can kink the zipper.

2. Remove the neck seal by putting four fingers deep into the seal on both side of your head, lift the front of the seal over your chin and look down as you
pull the seal over your head.

3. Next, make sure that you first open the wetsuit synch-locking-straps and open up the neoprene overlay cuffs wide, and then pull your wrists through gently

4. For the ankles, please be patient. First open the wetsuit synch-locking-straps and open up the neoprene overlaycuffs wide. Slide the neoprene  overlay cuffs in front of your foot without pulling your seals off.

Once you have done this on both the wrists and ankles (you can just gently pull the wrists off), for the ankles, turn the legs of the suit inside out and pull them all the way down to your ankles where you can use your thumbs placed deep into the seal on each side of your ankle bone to push the seals
over your heels.

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