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Subject: Let the Door Knob Barefooting Olympics Begin!

“Leave as little to chance as possible. Preparation is the key to success.”-Paul Brown NFL Coach, General Manager and Owner

“I never knew an early rising, hard-working, prudent man, careful of his earnings and strictly honest, who complained of hard luck. A good character, good habits and hard work are impregnable to the assaults of all ill luck that fools ever dreamed.”

-Joseph Addison, English Essayist

As I watch the Olympics, I am getting pumped. Watching the Olympic athletes makes me want to get out on the water and become the best barefooter I can be.  Fortunately for me, I can launch my rig and get on the water.

What about those of you who are pumped for action but surrounded by the cold? What if there was a way I could show you how to improve your barefooting dramatically while improving your strength and conditioning without getting in the water.

Why not be the best doorknob barefooter you can be?

I was really depressed when one of my students yesterday told me that he was told by a top barefooting instructor (an un-named Lantana, Fl. Resident) that dry-land training was not worth doing because it would not help your actual barefooting. He said it was nothing like being on the water and that it was a waste of time. To be fair, he was specifically referring to surface turns.

For those of you who have skied with me, read my articles, watched my 2-hour instructional video, and experienced the power of what dry-land training can do for you, you know better.

I want to go out on a limb as make the following claim that I hope will motivate you to action!

“I believe that most barefooters can improve their barefooting in the off season by 25-50% by implementing a regular routine of dry-land practice. If your routine can consistently mirror the excellent form that I have outlined, then I believe you will see this improvement immediately when you ski. The key is a commitment to excellence in your dry-land training technique.”

-Lanemus Maximus circa 2002

Let the Door Knob Barefooting Olympics begin!

That’s right! Get yourself a barefoot handle and a place to hook it up and get to work!

What should you do first? Get your facts straight!

Almost every barefooter at every level of the sport that comes to me for instruction has to master the same basics. As much as they seem to laugh at the redundancy of Posture and Glide, The Power Band, and Ultra Mega Glide, even great barefooters seemed shocked when I point out these simple mistakes.

Let me point out the biggest mistakes I see in barefooting that can be solved before ever getting on the water. Then I am going to introduce to you a powerful new concept that will transform your skiing regardless of your skiing ability or level!

Do I have your attention?

I like to work in a system. To use this system to help YOUR skiing think TOP to BOTTOM!

#1 Vision- Keep your eyes on the horizon. Sounds simple, but I find this to be a common mistake with almost everyone I teach. If you solve this consciously in your dry-land practice, it will be a powerful help in your skiing. Note: I have to be reminded of this constantly as the difficulty of my skiing increases!

#2 Shoulder Roll!  I am amazed at how difficult it seems for people to maintain this first most essential component of Posture! Your shoulders should be rolled to the back so your shoulder blades are pinched together. If done correctly, this will put your chest in front of your shoulders.

#3 Meat Hook! Warning: A graphic example to follow! Pretend you have a meat hook under your sternum and it is being lifted upward. This would make your chest as large as it could be. You should look like you are in a bodybuilding contest or a bikini contest.

#4 Shoulder to Butt Ratio- Your shoulders should be further to the back than your butt.

If you have read this far, I have a bonus for you! A new and unbelievably powerful skiing tip that will be a huge help to your skiing and can be mastered before the water thaws (or in between sets)!

Lane Dawg Bower’s Patented Hang-Ten Power Position!

We all know how to make a hang-ten  hand signal used by our Hawaiian surfing dudes. This simple hand position is an easy-to-use reference for Power Skiing in your forward position.

The greatest distance between your thumb and pinky fingertip should be the reference for how far your hips should be from the handle.

The key to this is that you should not close the gap with grip or bicep strength!!!  Please reread this sentence because it is critical (“The key to this is that you should not close the gap with grip or bicep strength!!!”).

The key is in the shoulder roll and meat hook. If you are doing these correctly, your inside elbow should not be touching the front of your rib cage!

#6 Ultra Mega Glide.

#7 Tigger the Tiger Bouncy Trouncy Skiing

This article is so important that I would keep it in your boat and next to your doorknob handle.

I have laid a guaranteed path to success that is just waiting to be implemented. What you do with it is up to you!

I am tired of writing and ready for a major Olympic pump.and maybe a quick set!

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