“A fault which humbles a man is of more use to him than a good action which puffs him up.”

Woodrow Wilson

Twenty-Eighth President


“A man need not extol his virtues, nor comment on his failings. His friends know the former, and his enemies will search out the latter.”

Charles B. Rogers

American Merchant


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I would like to help you organize your thoughts, goals, and practice sessions a little.

I will break this down into beginning and intermediate groups. Keep this as a reference and a guide for your skiing.

The Beginning Barefooter’s Guide to Maximizing the

Not So Ancient Teachings of Lane “Dawg” Bowers

If you are a beginner or even someone who has been barefooting for a long time, but who knows that you need to rework your foundation skills (everyone!), this is an outline of what you should work on in the correct order.

In general, I break down my teachings into learning a new position, and then learning to ski it with a relaxed mastery.

Try this order on for size;

  1. The Easiest Way to Learn to Barefoot
  2. The Front Deep Water Start on the Short Rope
  3. The Front Deep Water Start on the Long Rope
  4. Tumble Turns
  5. Learning to Go Backwards; Your First Back Deep on the                 Short Line
  6. Front One-Foots
  7. Back One-foots

The Intermediate Barefooter’s Guide to Maximizing the

Not So Ancient Teachings of Lane “Dawg” Bowers

  1. Bouncy Trouncy Tigger the Tiger Skiing
  2. Front Toe-holds


  1. Back Toe-holds


  1. Learning to Ski Great on the Long Line (2-hour Instructional Video. https://www.thefootersedge.com/videos/index.html


  1. Front Slalom


  1. Back Slalom


  1. Back to Front


  1. Front to Back


  1. Those Darn Reverses


  1. Jumping (If you are a competitor or would simply enjoy it!)


  1. One-foot turns


  1. Toe-turns


  1. Line-turns


There are, of course, many other things to learn along the way. I encourage you to follow good advice, but also use your inspiration to fuel you to reach your goals!


My next article is going to be on the back toe-up and will be published later this week!


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