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Some of the most common water skiing mistakes aren’t very obvious at all. For example, if this is your first time water skiing, you’ll probably want to practice on land first. Most of us are used to swimming, and maybe you’ve skied in the snow before. Whatever your experience, water skiing is a whole new ballgame. Here are some things to avoid when water skiing.

Don’t skimp out when buying skis

Like most things, the more you pay upfront, the better your experience will be. Cheap skis won’t last— go with a trusted brand. No matter how much you practice and perfect your positions, none of that will matter if you’re skiing on inferior skis.

Use the right gear

There are so many choices when it comes to barefoot skiing attire. Check out the Footer’s Edge’s selection here. You’ll need something that fits you just right, so the suit doesn’t allow water in. That’s not all you’ll need;  you’ll also have to purchase the right ropes. Wakeboarding ropes will either have no stretch or too much. You’ll want to ensure your ropes are especially made for water skiing so they have the perfect amount of stretchiness.

Not practicing on land

Even if you’re a pro-swimmer or surfer, you’ll still need to do some land practice before water skiing for the first time. You’ll have to learn how to properly position your body, as well as how to communicate with anyone out on the water with you. There are several techniques and positions to learn, including ‘the chair’ and . Nail down the stances and hand signals before you hit the water, and you’ll be golden. Water skiing is such an accessible and versatile sport. Hopefully you’ve learned how to avoid making water skiing mistakes. No matter your background or activity level, you’ll probably fall in love with the sport. One of the greatest things about water skiing is that it can be done at almost any age. Kids love it, and so does 86-year-old Dick Grant!

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